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Country code UY
Country code (3 digit) URY
Continent South America
Flight Information Regions
Airports 82
Size 177,442 km2

Airports in Uruguay

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

SUAAÁngel S. Adami International AirportMontevideo FIR
MontevideoMidsized airport
SULSCapitan Corbeta CA Curbelo International AirportPDPMontevideo FIR
Punta del EsteMidsized airport
SUMUCarrasco General Cesáreo L. Berisso International AirportMVDMontevideo FIR
MontevideoLarge airport
ALURAlurMontevideo FIRSmall airport
ANEWArrocera NewMontevideo FIRSmall airport
BEBEBebe SaraviaMontevideo FIRSmall airport
BRUMBaltasar BrumMontevideo FIRClosed
COLOCerro ColoradoMontevideo FIRSmall airport
CUMBCumbres De CarrascoMontevideo FIRSmall airport
DONGDon GuillermoMontevideo FIRSmall airport
SARUEstancia El TarumanMontevideo FIRSmall airport
SUAGArtigas International AirportATIMontevideo FIRArtigasSmall airport
SUANAnchorena AirportMontevideo FIREstancia AnchorenaSmall airport
SUAYTermas del Arapey AirportMontevideo FIRTermas del ArapeySmall airport
SUBLCaptain Juan Manuel Boiso Lanza Air BaseMontevideo FIRMontevideoSmall airport
SUCAColonia Laguna de Los Patos International AirportCYRMontevideo FIRColonia del SacramentoSmall airport
SUCDCardona AirportMontevideo FIRCardonaSmall airport
SUCHChuy AirportMontevideo FIRChuySmall airport
SUCLLa Calera AirportMontevideo FIRMinasSmall airport
SUCMZagarzazú International AirportMontevideo FIRCarmeloSmall airport
SUCNAeroclub CanelonesMontevideo FIRCanelonesSmall airport
SUCRLa CarolinaMontevideo FIRSmall airport
SUDLDoloresMontevideo FIRSmall airport
SUDRSarandí GrandeMontevideo FIRSmall airport
SUDUSanta Bernardina International AirportDZOMontevideo FIRDuraznoMidsized airport
SUELLiberty Building HelipadMontevideo FIRMontevideoHeliport
SUEMEstancia El MiradorMontevideo FIRSmall airport
SUETEscuela Técnica De AeronáuticaMontevideo FIRHeliport
SUFBFray BentosMontevideo FIRSmall airport
SUFLCentro De Aviación FloridaMontevideo FIRSmall airport
SUFTFrigorifico Tacuarembó AirportMontevideo FIRTacuarembóSmall airport
SUGAMilitary Aeronautical SchoolMontevideo FIRPandoSmall airport
SUGNGuichón AirfieldMontevideo FIRGuichónSmall airport
SUJPJosé Pedro Varela AirportMontevideo FIRJosé Pedro VarelaSmall airport
SULALascanoMontevideo FIRSmall airport
SULCEstancia La CaleraMontevideo FIRSmall airport
SULMLa MagdalenaMontevideo FIRSmall airport
SULPLa PalomaMontevideo FIRClosed
SUMERicardo Detomasi AirportMontevideo FIRMercedesSmall airport
SUMIMinas Municipal AirfieldMontevideo FIRMinasSmall airport
SUMOCerro Largo International AirportMLZMontevideo FIRMeloSmall airport
SUNHNueva HelveciaMontevideo FIRSmall airport
SUNMEstancia Nueva Mehlem AirportMontevideo FIRNuevo BerlinSmall airport
SUOLOmbues De Lavalle "el Bagual"Montevideo FIRSmall airport
SUPCCharles Chalkling AirportMontevideo FIRPaysandúSmall airport
SUPEEl Jagüel / Punta del Este AirportMontevideo FIRMaldonadoSmall airport
SUPLCentro Aeronáutico PiriápolisMontevideo FIRSmall airport
SUPRProgreso AeroserviciosMontevideo FIRSmall airport
SUPTPaso De Los TorosMontevideo FIRSmall airport
SUPUTydeo Larre Borges AirportPDUMontevideo FIRPaysanduSmall airport
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