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Country code UG
Country code (3 digit) UGA
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 39
Size 242,936 km2

Airports in Uganda

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

HUENEntebbe International AirportEBBEntebbe FIR
KampalaLarge airport
HUAJAdjumani AirportEntebbe FIRAdjumaniSmall airport
HUARArua AirportRUAEntebbe FIRAruaMidsized airport
HUBUBundibugyo AirportEntebbe FIRBundibugyoSmall airport
HUFPFort Portal AirportEntebbe FIRFort PortalSmall airport
HUGUGulu AirportULUEntebbe FIRGuluMidsized airport
HUJIJinja AirportJINEntebbe FIRJinjaSmall airport
HUKBKabale AirportEntebbe FIRSmall airport
HUKDKidepo AirportEntebbe FIRKidepo Valley National ParkSmall airport
HUKFKabalega Falls AirportPAFEntebbe FIRKabalega FallsSmall airport
HUKJKajjansi AirfieldEntebbe FIRKampalaSmall airport
HUKKKakira AirportEntebbe FIRKakiraSmall airport
HUKOKotido AirportEntebbe FIRKotidoSmall airport
HUKSKasese AirportKSEEntebbe FIRKaseseSmall airport
HUKTKitgum AirportEntebbe FIRKitgumSmall airport
HULILira AirportEntebbe FIRLiraSmall airport
HUMAMbarara AirportMBQEntebbe FIRMbararaSmall airport
HUMIMasindi AirportKCUEntebbe FIRMasindiSmall airport
HUMOMoroto AirportEntebbe FIRMorotoSmall airport
HUMWMweya AirportEntebbe FIRMweyaSmall airport
HUPABugungu AirportEntebbe FIRSmall airport
HUSOSoroti AirportSRTEntebbe FIRSorotiMidsized airport
HUTOTororo AirportTRYEntebbe FIRTororoSmall airport
UG-0001Kisoro AirportEntebbe FIRKisoroSmall airport
UG-0002Savannah AirstripKHXEntebbe FIRKihihiSmall airport
UG-0003Mutukula AirportEntebbe FIRMutukulaSmall airport
UG-0004Nakasongola AirportEntebbe FIRNakasongolaSmall airport
UG-0005Koboko AirportEntebbe FIRKobokoSmall airport
UG-0006Kalongo AirportEntebbe FIRKalongoSmall airport
UG-0007Chobe Safari Lodge AirportEntebbe FIRSmall airport
UG-0008Matany AirstripEntebbe FIRMatanySmall airport
UG-0009Lake Albert Lodge AirstripEntebbe FIRSmall airport
UG-0010Buhuka AirportEntebbe FIRBuhukaSmall airport
UG-0011Buseruka AirportEntebbe FIRBuserukaSmall airport
UG-0012Butiaba AirportEntebbe FIRButiabaSmall airport
OYGMoyo AirportOYGEntebbe FIRMoyoSmall airport
UG-0014Bukasa AirportEntebbe FIRSmall airport
UG-0015Bulago AirportEntebbe FIRSmall airport
UG-0016Kayonza AirportEntebbe FIRSmall airport
UG-0019PakubaEntebbe FIRClosed
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