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Country code TO
Country code (3 digit) TON
Continent Oceania
Airports 6
Size 605 km2

Airports in Tonga

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

NFTFFua'amotu International AirportTBUAuckland Oceanic East FIR
Nuku'alofaMidsized airport
NFTEKaufana AirportEUAAuckland Oceanic East FIREua IslandSmall airport
NFTLLifuka Island AirportHPAAuckland Oceanic East FIRLifukaMidsized airport
NFTOMata'aho AirportNFOAuckland Oceanic East FIRAngaha, Niuafo'ou IslandSmall airport
NFTPKuini Lavenia AirportNTTAuckland Oceanic East FIRNiuatoputapuSmall airport
NFTVVava'u International AirportVAVAuckland Oceanic East FIRVava'u IslandMidsized airport
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