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Country code TL
Country code (3 digit) TLS
Continent Asia
Airports 12
Size 15,145 km2

Airports in Timor-Leste

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

TL-0001Lospalos AirfieldUjung Pandang FIRLospalosSmall airport
ID-KCICom AirportKCIUjung Pandang FIRKonSmall airport
WPATAtauro AirportAUTUjung Pandang FIRAtauroSmall airport
WPDBSuai AirportUAIUjung Pandang FIRSuaiMidsized airport
WPDHDili City HeliportUjung Pandang FIRDiliHeliport
WPFLFuiloro AirfieldUjung Pandang FIRFuiloroSmall airport
WPMNMaliana AirportMPTUjung Pandang FIRMalianaSmall airport
WPOCRota Do Sândalo Oecusse AirportOECUjung Pandang FIROecussi-AmbenoMidsized airport
WPVQViqueque AirportVIQUjung Pandang FIRViquequeSmall airport
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