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Country code TH
Country code (3 digit) THA
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 126
Size 516,276 km2

Airports in Thailand

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

TH-0015Best Ocean AirparkBangkok FIRSmall airport
TH-0017Kaeng Krachan AirfieldBangkok FIRSmall airport
TH-0018Pran Buri AirportBangkok FIRSmall airport
TH-0019Ratthaphum AirfieldBangkok FIRSmall airport
TH-0020Khuan Timun HelipadBangkok FIRHeliport
TH-0021Phanom Sarakham AirportBangkok FIRSmall airport
PMMPhanom Sarakham AirportPMMBangkok FIRPhanom SarakhamSmall airport
TH-0052ChanthaburiBangkok FIRUnknown
TH-0061KanchanaburiBangkok FIRUnknown
TH-0076PhitsanulokBangkok FIRUnknown
TH-0084Uttaradit AirportUTRBangkok FIRUttaraditSmall airport
VTBESaraburi FieldBangkok FIRSmall airport
VTBFPattaya Airpark FieldBangkok FIRSmall airport
VTBHSa Pran Nak AirportKKMBangkok FIRSmall airport
VTBIKhao E To AirportBangkok FIRSmall airport
VTBJPhetchaburiBangkok FIRUnknown
VTBKKamphaeng Saen AirportKDTBangkok FIRNakhon PathomMidsized airport
VTBLKhok Kathiam AirportBangkok FIRMidsized airport
VTBNPrachuap Khiri Khan AirportBangkok FIRPrachuap Khiri KhanSmall airport
VTBPPrachuap AirportBangkok FIRSmall airport
VTBRRatchaburi Airfield (closed Mil)Bangkok FIRSmall airport
VTBTBang Phra AirportBangkok FIRBang PraSmall airport
VTBWWatthana Nakhon AirportBangkok FIRSmall airport
VTCBPhayao Ban Chiang Kham AirportBangkok FIRPhayao Ban Chiang KhamSmall airport
VTCDChiang KlangBangkok FIRSmall airport
VTCIMae Hong Son AirportPYYBangkok FIRMae Hong SonSmall airport
VTCKKhun Yuam (for Emergency)Bangkok FIRSmall airport
VTCMBan Thi Chiang Mai AirfieldBangkok FIRSmall airport
VTCOLamphun AirportBangkok FIRSmall airport
VTCSMae Sariang AirportBangkok FIRMae SariangSmall airport
VTCYNok AirfieldBangkok FIRSmall airport
VTEDUdorn Air BaseBAOBangkok FIRBan Mak KhaenSmall airport
VTPITakhli AirportTKHBangkok FIRMidsized airport
VTPLSak Long AirportBangkok FIRSmall airport
VTPNNakhon Sawan AirportBangkok FIRSmall airport
VTPRPhotharam AirportBangkok FIRPhotharamSmall airport
VTPYKhunan Phumipol AirportBangkok FIRSmall airport
VTSAKhoun Khan AirportBangkok FIRSmall airport
VTSDChumphonBangkok FIRUnknown
VTSHSongkhla AirportSGZBangkok FIRMidsized airport
VTSKPattani AirportPANBangkok FIRMidsized airport
VTSNCha Eian AirportBangkok FIRNakhon Si ThammaratMidsized airport
VTSWPhuket AirparkBangkok FIRSmall airport
VTUABan Na Khu (closed Emergency)Bangkok FIRSmall airport
VTUBMukdahanBangkok FIRUnknown
VTUCChaiyaphumBangkok FIRUnknown
VTUFNam Phung Dam SouthBangkok FIRSmall airport
VTUGPhu Khieo Airfield (closed)Bangkok FIRSmall airport
VTUHPak Chong (closed Emergency)Bangkok FIRClosed
VTUJSurin AirportPXRBangkok FIRSurinMidsized airport
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