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Country code TZ
Country code (3 digit) TZA
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 206
Size 945,556 km2

Airports in Tanzania

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

HTARArusha AirportARKDar Es Salaam FIR
ArushaMidsized airport
HTBUBukoba AirportBKZDar Es Salaam FIR
BukobaSmall airport
HTDAJulius Nyerere International AirportDARDar Es Salaam FIR
Dar es SalaamLarge airport
HTDODodoma AirportDODDar Es Salaam FIR
DodomaMidsized airport
HTIRIringa AirportIRIDar Es Salaam FIR
NduliMidsized airport
HTKAKigoma AirportTKQDar Es Salaam FIR
KigomaSmall airport
HTKJKilimanjaro International AirportJRODar Es Salaam FIR
ArushaMidsized airport
HTMGMorogoro AirportDar Es Salaam FIR
MorogoroSmall airport
HTMPMpanda AirportNPYDar Es Salaam FIR
MpandaSmall airport
HTMTMtwara AirportMYWDar Es Salaam FIR
MtwaraMidsized airport
HTMUMusoma AirportMUZDar Es Salaam FIR
MusomaSmall airport
HTMWMwanza AirportMWZDar Es Salaam FIR
MwanzaMidsized airport
HTSOSongea AirportSGXDar Es Salaam FIR
SongeaSmall airport
HTSUSumbawanga AirportDar Es Salaam FIR
SumbawangaSmall airport
HTTBTabora AirportTBODar Es Salaam FIR
TaboraSmall airport
HTZAAbeid Amani Karume International AirportZNZDar Es Salaam FIR
ZanzibarLarge airport
HTAGAmani Beach AirportDar Es Salaam FIRKutaniSmall airport
HTBBKibambawe AirstripDar Es Salaam FIRSelous Game ReserveSmall airport
HTBSMbesa AirportDar Es Salaam FIRMbesa MissionSmall airport
HTCHChunya AirportDar Es Salaam FIRChunyaSmall airport
HTENEndulen AirportDar Es Salaam FIREndulenSmall airport
HTGWSongwe AirportMBIDar Es Salaam FIRMbeyaMidsized airport
HTIYInyonga AirportDar Es Salaam FIRInyongaSmall airport
HTKBKibondo AirportDar Es Salaam FIRKibondoSmall airport
HTKDKondoa AirportDar Es Salaam FIRKondoaSmall airport
HTKIKilwa AirportKIYDar Es Salaam FIRKilwa MasokoSmall airport
HTKLKirondatal AirportDar Es Salaam FIRKirondatalSmall airport
HTKOKongwa AirportDar Es Salaam FIRKongwaSmall airport
HTKSKilosa AirportDar Es Salaam FIRKilosaSmall airport
HTKTKilimatinde AirportDar Es Salaam FIRKilimatindeSmall airport
HTLDLoliondo AirportDar Es Salaam FIRLoliondoSmall airport
HTLILindi AirportLDIDar Es Salaam FIRLindiSmall airport
HTLLLiuli AirportDar Es Salaam FIRLiuliSmall airport
HTLMLake Manyara AirportLKYDar Es Salaam FIRLake Manyara National ParkMidsized airport
HTMAMafia AirportMFADar Es Salaam FIRMafia IslandSmall airport
HTMBMbeya AirportDar Es Salaam FIRMbeyaSmall airport
HTMDMwadui AirportMWNDar Es Salaam FIRMwaduiSmall airport
HTMFMufindi AirportDar Es Salaam FIRMufindiSmall airport
HTMIMasasi AirportXMIDar Es Salaam FIRMasasiSmall airport
HTMKMikumi AirportDar Es Salaam FIRMikumiSmall airport
HTMLMahale AirstripDar Es Salaam FIRMahaleSmall airport
HTMOMombo AirportDar Es Salaam FIRMomboSmall airport
HTMSMoshi AirportQSIDar Es Salaam FIRMoshiSmall airport
HTMXMpwapwa AirportDar Es Salaam FIRMpwapwaSmall airport
HTNANachingwea AirportNCHDar Es Salaam FIRNachingweaSmall airport
HTNGNgerengere Air Force BaseDar Es Salaam FIRNgerengereSmall airport
HTNJNjombe AirportJOMDar Es Salaam FIRNjombeSmall airport
HTNRNgara AirportDar Es Salaam FIRNgaraSmall airport
HTOLOltipesi AirportDar Es Salaam FIRSmall airport
HTPEPemba AirportPMADar Es Salaam FIRChakeMidsized airport
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