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Country code TJ
Country code (3 digit) TJK
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 19
Size 142,136 km2

Airports in Tajikistan

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

UTDDDushanbe AirportDYUDushanbe FIR
DushanbeMidsized airport
UTDKKulob AirportTJUDushanbe FIR
KulyabMidsized airport
UTDLKhujand AirportLBDDushanbe FIR
KhudzhandMidsized airport
UTDTQurghonteppa International AirportKQTDushanbe FIR
Kurgan-TyubeMidsized airport
TJ-0001Dzhirgatal AirportDushanbe FIRDzhirgatalClosed
TJ-0002Dusti AirfieldDushanbe FIRDustiSmall airport
TJ-0003Ayni AirportDushanbe FIRAyniSmall airport
TJ-0004Penjikent AirportDushanbe FIRPanjakentSmall airport
TJ-0005Garm AirportDushanbe FIRGarmSmall airport
TJ-0006Panj AirportDushanbe FIRPanjSmall airport
TJ-0007Danghara AirportDushanbe FIRDangharaSmall airport
TJ-0008Ishkoshim Regional AirportDushanbe FIRSmall airport
TJ-0010Murghab AirportDushanbe FIRMurghabSmall airport
TJ-0011Gissar Air BaseDushanbe FIRDushanbeMidsized airport
TJ-0012Farkhor Air BaseDushanbe FIRParkharMidsized airport
UT1AIsfara AirportDushanbe FIRIsfaraClosed
UT1BMoskovskiy Pyandzh AirportDushanbe FIRAk-MazarSmall airport
UT1CKhorog AirportDushanbe FIRKhorogSmall airport
TJ-0009Kanibadam AirportDushanbe FIRSmall airport
TJ-0016Dzhirgatal AirportDushanbe FIRJirghatolSmall airport
TJ-0017Isfara AirportDushanbe FIRIsfaraSmall airport
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