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Country code TW
Country code (3 digit) TWN
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 89
Size 36,281 km2

Airports in Taiwan

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

RCKHKaohsiung International AirportKHHTaipei FIR
Kaohsiung CityLarge airport
RCMQTaichung International Airport / Ching Chuang Kang Air BaseRMQTaipei FIR
Taichung CityMidsized airport
RCNNTainan International Airport / Tainan Air BaseTNNTaipei FIR
Tainan CityMidsized airport
RCSSTaipei Songshan AirportTSATaipei FIR
Taipei CityMidsized airport
RCTPTaiwan Taoyuan International AirportTPETaipei FIR
TaipeiLarge airport
RCAYGangshan Air Force BaseTaipei FIRGangshanMidsized airport
RCBSKinmen AirportKNHShanghai FIRShang-IMidsized airport
RCDCPingtung South AirportTaipei FIRPingtungMidsized airport
RCDILongtan Air BaseTaipei FIRLongtan TownshipMidsized airport
RCFGMatsu Nangan AirportLZNShanghai FIRNangang IslandMidsized airport
RCFNTaitung AirportTTTTaipei FIRTaitung CityMidsized airport
RCFSChia TungTaipei FIRUnknown
RCGILyudao AirportGNITaipei FIRLyudaoSmall airport
RCKUChiayi AirportCYITaipei FIRChiayi CityMidsized airport
RCKWHengchun AirportHCNTaipei FIRHengchungMidsized airport
RCLCXiaoliuqiu HeliportTaipei FIRXiaoliuqiuHeliport
RCLMDongshaHong Kong FIRUnknown
RCLYLanyu AirportKYDTaipei FIROrchid IslandMidsized airport
RCMJDonggangTaipei FIRUnknown
RCMTMatsu Beigan AirportMFKShanghai FIRBeigan IslandMidsized airport
RCNODongji HeliportTaipei FIRDonshiHeliport
RCPOHsinchu Air BaseHSZTaipei FIRHsinchu CityMidsized airport
RCQCPenghu Magong AirportMZGTaipei FIRMakung CityMidsized airport
RCQSChihhang Air BaseTaipei FIRTaitung CityMidsized airport
RCSMRiyuetan (Sun Moon Lake) HeliportTaipei FIRRiyuetanHeliport
RCSPTaiping Island AirportManila FIRSmall airport
RCSQPingtung North AirportPIFTaipei FIRPingtungMidsized airport
RCUKPa Kuei / BakuaiTaipei FIRUnknown
RCWAWang'an AirportWOTTaipei FIRWang-anSmall airport
RCXYGuiren Airport / Guiren Army AirfieldTaipei FIRGuerinSmall airport
RCYUHualien AirportHUNTaipei FIRHualien CityMidsized airport
TW-0002Dongsha Island (Pratas Island) AirportDSXHong Kong FIRPratas IslandSmall airport
TW-0004Zuoying Naval AirfieldTaipei FIRKaohsiung CityMidsized airport
TW-0006Hualien (Chiashan) Air BaseTaipei FIRHualien CitySmall airport
TW-0007Chiayi Highway AirstripTaipei FIRChiayiSmall airport
TW-0008China Medical University Hospital HeliportTaipei FIRTaichungHeliport
TW-0009CTS (China Television System) HelipadTaipei FIRTaipeiHeliport
TW-0010Far Eastern Memorial Hospital HeliportTaipei FIRTaipeiHeliport
TW-0011Hsinchu Air Force Hospital HeliportTaipei FIRHsinchuHeliport
TW-0012Hulien Hospital HeliportTaipei FIRHualienHeliport
TW-0013Jiali Shan HelipadTaipei FIRJiali ShanHeliport
TW-0014Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital HeliportTaipei FIRKaohsiungHeliport
TW-0015Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital HelipadTaipei FIRKaohsiungHeliport
TW-0016Mackay Memorial Hospital HelipadTaipei FIRNew Taipei CityHeliport
TW-0017Maritime Patrol Directorate General HelipadTaipei FIRTanshuiHeliport
TW-0018Nan-Gang Police District HelipadTaipei FIRTaipeiHeliport
TW-0019Puli Christian Hospital HeliportTaipei FIRPuliHeliport
TW-0020Shuang Ho Hospital HeliportTaipei FIRNew Taipei CityHeliport
TW-0021Sihong HeliportShanghai FIRSihongHeliport
TW-0022Taichung Veterans General Hospital HelipadTaipei FIRTaichungHeliport
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