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Country code SY
Country code (3 digit) SYR
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 38
Size 185,951 km2

Airports in Syria

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

OSAPAleppo International AirportALPDamascus FIR
AleppoMidsized airport
OSDIDamascus International AirportDAMDamascus FIR
DamascusLarge airport
OSKLQamishli AirportKACDamascus FIR
QamishlyMidsized airport
OSLKBassel Al-Assad International AirportLTKDamascus FIR
LatakiaMidsized airport
OSDZDeir ez-Zor AirportDEZDamascus FIRDeir ez-ZorMidsized airport
OSPRPalmyra AirportPMSDamascus FIRTadmurMidsized airport
SY-0001Taftanaz AirbaseDamascus FIRTaftanazHeliport
SY-0002Qabr al-Sitt HeliportDamascus FIRBeit SahemHeliport
SY-0003Marj al-Sultan Heliport (North)Damascus FIRMarj al-SultanHeliport
SY-0004Marj al-Sultan Heliport (South)Damascus FIRMarj al-SultanHeliport
SY-0005Nayrab Military HeliportDamascus FIRHeliport
SY-0006Aleppo Air Defense Base HelipadDamascus FIRHeliport
SY-0007Aleppo Municipal Council HelipadDamascus FIRHeliport
SY-0008Al-Muhaddad Agricultural AirportDamascus FIRSmall airport
SY-0009Green Village AirportDamascus FIRSmall airport
SY-0010Al-Mayadin AirportDamascus FIRSmall airport
SY-0011As-Saliniyah AirportDamascus FIRSmall airport
SY-0012El Lani Borderpost HelipadAnkara FIRHeliport
SY-0013Murshid Sarhan Agricultural AirportDamascus FIRSmall airport
OS57Abu ad Duhur Air BaseDamascus FIRAbu ad DuhurMidsized airport
OS58Hamah Air BaseDamascus FIRSmall airport
OS59Al Tabqah AirportDamascus FIRSmall airport
OS60As Suwayda West Air BaseDamascus FIRAs SuwaydaSmall airport
OS61Dumayr Air BaseDamascus FIRSmall airport
OS62Jirah Air BaseDamascus FIRSmall airport
OS63Marj Ruhayyil Air BaseDamascus FIRMarj RuhayyilSmall airport
OS64An Nasiriyah Air BaseDamascus FIRMidsized airport
OS65Shayrat Air BaseDamascus FIRShayratSmall airport
OS66Rasm Al-Abboud Air BaseDamascus FIRSmall airport
OS67Mezzeh AirportDamascus FIRMezzehSmall airport
OS68Saiqal Air BaseDamascus FIRSaiqalSmall airport
OS69Khalkhalah Air BaseDamascus FIRBuraqMidsized airport
OS70Al Qusayr Air BaseDamascus FIRAl-QusayrMidsized airport
OS71Minaq Air BaseDamascus FIRAzazSmall airport
OS72Tiyas Air BaseDamascus FIRTiyasSmall airport
SORAl Thaurah AirportSORDamascus FIRAl ThaurahSmall airport
SY-0014Al-Tahaluf AirportDamascus FIRSmall airport
SY-0015Tarek HeliportDamascus FIRHeliport
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