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Country code SZ
Country code (3 digit) SWZ
Continent Africa
Airports 27
Size 17,143 km2

Airports in Eswatini

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

FDOTMotiJohannesburg FIR
FDSKKing Mswati III International AirportSHOJohannesburg FIR
Large airport
FDBBBig Bend MetJohannesburg FIRUnknown
FDBMMatata AirportJohannesburg FIRBig BendSmall airport
FDBSBig Bend Sugar E AirportJohannesburg FIRBig BendSmall airport
FDBTTambuti AirportJohannesburg FIRBig BendSmall airport
FDGLLavumisa AirportJohannesburg FIRLavumisaSmall airport
FDJRJerichoJohannesburg FIRUnknown
FDKBKubuta AirportJohannesburg FIRKubuta BSmall airport
FDLMLomahashaJohannesburg FIRUnknown
FDLVLavumisaJohannesburg FIRUnknown
FDMHMhlume AirportJohannesburg FIRMhlumeSmall airport
FDMSMatsapha AirportMTSJohannesburg FIRManziniMidsized airport
FDMYMayiwaneJohannesburg FIRUnknown
FDNDNdzevaneJohannesburg FIRUnknown
FDNGPiggs Peak AirportJohannesburg FIRNgoniniSmall airport
FDNHNhlangano AirportJohannesburg FIRNhlanganoSmall airport
FDNYNyonyaneJohannesburg FIRUnknown
FDPPPiggs PeakJohannesburg FIRUnknown
FDSMSimunye AirportJohannesburg FIRSimunyeSmall airport
FDSTSiteki AirportJohannesburg FIRSitekiSmall airport
FDTMTambankulu AirportJohannesburg FIRTambankuluSmall airport
FDTSTshaneni AirportJohannesburg FIRTshaneniSmall airport
FDUBUbombo Ranches AirportJohannesburg FIRBig BendSmall airport
FDUSMusiJohannesburg FIRUnknown
FDVVVuvulaneJohannesburg FIRUnknown
SZ-0001Nsoko AirportJohannesburg FIRNsokoSmall airport
FDNSNsoko AirportJohannesburg FIRNsokoSmall airport
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