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Country code SD
Country code (3 digit) SDN
Continent Africa
Airports 48
Size 1,864,021 km2

Airports in Sudan

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

HJJJJuba International AirportJUBKhartoum FIRJubaLarge airport
HSAKAkobo AirportKhartoum FIRAkoboSmall airport
HSATAtbara AirportATBKhartoum FIRAtbaraSmall airport
HSBRBor AirportKhartoum FIRBorSmall airport
HSCGCarthago AirportKhartoum FIRCarthagoSmall airport
HSDBAl Dabbah AirportEDBKhartoum FIREl DebbaSmall airport
HSDLDilling AirportKhartoum FIRDillingSmall airport
HSDNDongola AirportDOGKhartoum FIRDongolaMidsized airport
HSDZDamazin AirportRSSKhartoum FIRAd DamazinSmall airport
HSFSEl Fasher AirportELFKhartoum FIREl FasherMidsized airport
HSGGGalegu AirportDNXKhartoum FIRDinderSmall airport
HSGNGeneina AirportEGNKhartoum FIRGeneinaSmall airport
HSGOGogrial AirportKhartoum FIRGogrialSmall airport
HSHGHeglig AirportHEGKhartoum FIRHeglig OilfieldSmall airport
HSKAKassala AirportKSLKhartoum FIRKassalaMidsized airport
HSKGKhashm El Girba AirportGBUKhartoum FIRKhashm El GirbaSmall airport
HSKNKenana AirportKhartoum FIRSmall airport
HSKPKapoeta AirportKhartoum FIRKapoetaSmall airport
HSLIKadugli AirportKDXKhartoum FIRKadugliSmall airport
HSMDMarida AirportKhartoum FIRMaridaSmall airport
HSMKRumbek AirportRBXKhartoum FIRRumbekSmall airport
HSMNMerowe AirportMWEKhartoum FIRMeroweMidsized airport
HSMRMerowe Town AirportKhartoum FIRMeroweSmall airport
HSNANasirKhartoum FIRUnknown
HSNHEn Nahud AirportNUDKhartoum FIREn NahudSmall airport
HSNLNyalaKhartoum FIRUnknown
HSNNNyala AirportUYLKhartoum FIRNyalaMidsized airport
HSNRSennarKhartoum FIRUnknown
HSNWNew Halfa AirportNHFKhartoum FIRNew HalfaSmall airport
HSOBEl-Obeid AirportEBDKhartoum FIRAl-UbayyidMidsized airport
HSPAPochalla AirportAddis Ababa FIRPachellaSmall airport
HSPNPort Sudan New International AirportPZUKhartoum FIRPort SudanMidsized airport
HSRJRaga AirportKhartoum FIRRagaSmall airport
HSSGSabera Geneina AirportKhartoum FIRMidsized airport
HSSKKhartoum International AirportKRTKhartoum FIRKhartoumMidsized airport
HSSMMalakal AirportMAKKhartoum FIRMalakalMidsized airport
HSSPPort Sudan Air BaseKhartoum FIRPort SudanSmall airport
HSSWWadi Halfa AirportWHFKhartoum FIRWadi HalfaSmall airport
HSTOTong AirportKhartoum FIRTongSmall airport
HSTRTorit AirportKhartoum FIRToritSmall airport
HSTUTumbura AirportKhartoum FIRTumburaSmall airport
HSWWWau AirportWUUKhartoum FIRWauMidsized airport
HSYAYambio AirportKhartoum FIRYambioSmall airport
HSYLYirol AirportKhartoum FIRYirolSmall airport
SD-0001Wadi Seidna Air BaseKhartoum FIRKhartoumMidsized airport
SD-0002Zalengei HeliportKhartoum FIRZalengeiHeliport
SD-0003Kutum AirportKhartoum FIRKutumSmall airport
SD-0004Gereida AirportKhartoum FIRGereidaSmall airport
SD-0005Jabal Burqat Karkor AirportKhartoum FIRSmall airport
SD-0006Songo AirstripKhartoum FIRSongoSmall airport
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