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Country code SO
Country code (3 digit) SOM
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 40
Size 473,871 km2

Airports in Somalia

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

HCMFBosaso / Bender Qassim International AirportBSAMogadishu FIR
BosasoSmall airport
HCMMAden Adde International AirportMGQMogadishu FIR
MogadishuMidsized airport
HCGRGarowe AirportGGRMogadishu FIRGaroweSmall airport
HCMACaluula AirportALUMogadishu FIRAlulaSmall airport
HCMBBaidoa AirportBIBMogadishu FIRBaidoaSmall airport
HCMCQandala AirportCXNMogadishu FIRCandalaSmall airport
HCMDBaardheere AirportBSYMogadishu FIRSmall airport
HCMEEil AirportHCMMogadishu FIREylSmall airport
HCMGGardo AirportGSRMogadishu FIRGardoSmall airport
HCMHEgal International AirportHGAMogadishu FIRHargeisaMidsized airport
HCMIBerbera AirportBBOMogadishu FIRBerberaMidsized airport
HCMJLugh Ganane AirportLGXMogadishu FIRLuuqSmall airport
HCMKKismayo AirportKMUMogadishu FIRMidsized airport
HCMLEl BurMogadishu FIRUnknown
HCMNBeledweyne AirportBLWMogadishu FIRBeledweyneSmall airport
HCMOHobyo AirportCMOMogadishu FIRObbiaSmall airport
HCMRGalcaio AirportGLKMogadishu FIRGalcaioSmall airport
HCMSIskushuban AirportCMSMogadishu FIRScusciubanSmall airport
HCMUErigavo AirportERAMogadishu FIRErigavoSmall airport
HCMVBurao AirportBUOMogadishu FIRBuraoSmall airport
HCMWGarowe AirportGGRMogadishu FIRSmall airport
SO-0001K50 International AirportMogadishu FIRMogadishuMidsized airport
SO-0002Baledogle AirfieldMogadishu FIRWanlaweynSmall airport
SO-0003Uadan Highway AirstripMogadishu FIRSmall airport
SO-0004Hafun AirstripMogadishu FIRHafunSmall airport
SO-0005Hafun Old Base AirstripMogadishu FIRHafunSmall airport
SO-0006Buurdhuubo AirstripMogadishu FIRSmall airport
SO-0007Dhoobley AirstripMogadishu FIRSmall airport
SO-0008Las Khorey AirportMogadishu FIRSmall airport
SO-0010Bandarbeyla AirportMogadishu FIRSmall airport
SO-0011Garacad AirportMogadishu FIRSmall airport
SO-0013Dayniile AirportMogadishu FIRSmall airport
SO-0015Baraawe AirportMogadishu FIRSmall airport
SO-0016Jamaame AirstripMogadishu FIRSmall airport
AADAdado AirportAADMogadishu FIRAdadoSmall airport
GBMGarbaharey AirportGBMMogadishu FIRGarbahareySmall airport
BXXBorama AirportBXXMogadishu FIRBoramaSmall airport
SO-0017Afmadow AirportMogadishu FIRSmall airport
SO-0018Bu'aale AirfieldMogadishu FIRSmall airport
SO-0019Doolow AirportMogadishu FIRSmall airport
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