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Country code SK
Country code (3 digit) SVK
Continent Europe
Flight Information Regions
Airports 113
Size 48,308 km2

Airports in Slovakia

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

LZIBM. R. Štefánik AirportBTSBratislava FIR
BratislavaLarge airport
LZKZKošice AirportKSCBratislava FIR
KošiceMidsized airport
LZPPPiešťany AirportPZYBratislava FIR
PiešťanyMidsized airport
LZTTPoprad-Tatry AirportTATBratislava FIR
PopradMidsized airport
LZZIŽilina AirportILZBratislava FIR
ŽilinaMidsized airport
LKKZKosiceBratislava FIRUnknown
LKPPPiestanyBratislava FIRUnknown
LKSLSliacBratislava FIRUnknown
LZBDBidovce AirstripBratislava FIRKošiceSmall airport
LZDBDubnicaBratislava FIRDubnica nad VáhomSmall airport
LZDVDubová AirstripBratislava FIRDubováSmall airport
LZHLHolič AirfieldBratislava FIRHoličSmall airport
LZJSJasnáBratislava FIRSmall airport
LZKCKamenica nad Cirochou AirfieldBratislava FIRKamenica nad CirochouSmall airport
LZLULučenec AirportLUEBratislava FIRLučenecSmall airport
LZMAMartinBratislava FIRMartinSmall airport
LZMCKuchyňa Air BaseBratislava FIRMalackyMidsized airport
LZNINitra AirfieldBratislava FIRNitraSmall airport
LZNZNové ZámkyBratislava FIRSmall airport
LZOCOcova airfieldBratislava FIRSmall airport
LZPEPrievidza AirfieldBratislava FIRPrievidzaSmall airport
LZPTMale BieliceBratislava FIRPartizánskeSmall airport
LZPWPrešov Air BasePOVBratislava FIRPrešovSmall airport
LZRURužomberokBratislava FIRSmall airport
LZRYRažňanyBratislava FIRSabinovSmall airport
LZSESenica AirfieldBratislava FIRSenicaSmall airport
LZSKSvidník AirfieldBratislava FIRSvidníkSmall airport
LZSLSliač AirportSLDBratislava FIRSliačMidsized airport
LZSVSpišská Nová VesBratislava FIRSpišská Nová VesSmall airport
LZSYŠuranyBratislava FIRSmall airport
LZTNTrenčín AirfieldBratislava FIRTrenčínSmall airport
LZTRTrnavaBratislava FIRBolerázSmall airport
SK-0001Dobra Niva airfieldBratislava FIRZVOLENSmall airport
SK-0002Košťany nad Turcom AirstripBratislava FIRKošťany nad TurcomSmall airport
SK-0003Dunajská StredaBratislava FIRSmall airport
SK-0004HrabušiceBratislava FIRSmall airport
SK-0005Kamenný MostBratislava FIRSmall airport
SK-0006KrakovanyBratislava FIRSmall airport
SK-0007Malý MadarasBratislava FIRSmall airport
SK-0008SládkovicovoBratislava FIRSmall airport
SK-0009Tekovský HrádokBratislava FIRSmall airport
SK-0010Trnava-KopánkaBratislava FIRTrnavaSmall airport
SK-0011ŽeliezovceBratislava FIRClosed
SK-0012Gajary ULBratislava FIRDolečkySmall airport
SK-0013Zborov AirfieldBratislava FIRClosed
SK-0014Letisko MirkovceBratislava FIRMirkovceSmall airport
SK-0015Čab AirstripBratislava FIRČabSmall airport
SK-0017Bojná AirstripBratislava FIRSmall airport
SK-0018Kačanov AirstripBratislava FIRSmall airport
SK-0019Ludanice AirstripBratislava FIRSmall airport
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