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Sierra Leone

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Country code SL
Country code (3 digit) SLE
Continent Africa
Airports 11
Size 71,912 km2

Airports in Sierra Leone

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GFLLLungi International AirportFNARoberts FIR
FreetownLarge airport
GFBOBo AirportKBSRoberts FIRBoMidsized airport
GFHAHastings AirportHGSRoberts FIRFreetownSmall airport
GFKBKabala AirportKBARoberts FIRKabalaSmall airport
GFKEKenema AirportKENRoberts FIRKenemaMidsized airport
GFTOTongo AirportRoberts FIRTongoSmall airport
GFYEYengema AirportWYERoberts FIRYengemaMidsized airport
SL-0001Mammy Yoko HeliportRoberts FIRHeliport
SL-0002RSLAF Cockerill Barracks HeliportRoberts FIRHeliport
SL-0003UN Aviation HeliportRoberts FIRHeliport
SL-0004Gbangbatok AirportGBKRoberts FIRGbangbatokSmall airport
GFBNSherbro International AirportRoberts FIRBontheSmall airport
GFGKGbangbatok AirportRoberts FIRMogbwemoSmall airport
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