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Country code RS
Country code (3 digit) SRB
Continent Europe
Flight Information Regions
Airports 43
Size 77,416 km2

Airports in Serbia

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

LYBEBelgrade Nikola Tesla AirportBEGBeograd FIR
BelgradeLarge airport
LYBTBatajnica Air BaseBJYBeograd FIR
BatajnicaMidsized airport
LYKVMorava AirportKVOBeograd FIR
KraljevoMidsized airport
LYNINis AirportINIBeograd FIR
NisMidsized airport
LYVRVršac International AirportBeograd FIR
Small airport
LYBJAirport Lisicji JarakBeograd FIRBelgradeSmall airport
LYBOBorBeograd FIRSmall airport
LYCAČačak-Preljina AirfieldBeograd FIRČačakSmall airport
LYJAJagodina / Barutana AirfieldBeograd FIRJagodinaSmall airport
LYKAKraljevo Brege AirportBeograd FIRKraljevoSmall airport
LYKIKikinda AirfieldBeograd FIRKikindaSmall airport
LYKSKrusevac-kosirsko PoljeBeograd FIRSmall airport
LYKTKostolac AirfieldBeograd FIRSmall airport
LYLELeskovac / Mira Sport AirportBeograd FIRLeskovacSmall airport
LYNSNovi Sad / Čenej AirportBeograd FIRNovi SadSmall airport
LYOHOhridSkopje FIRUnknown
LYPAPančevo AirfieldBeograd FIRPančevoSmall airport
LYPNParacín / Davidovac AirportBeograd FIRSmall airport
LYSDSmederevo/radinacBeograd FIRSmall airport
LYSMSremska Mitrovica / Veliki Radinci AirfieldBeograd FIRSremska MitrovicaSmall airport
LYSPSmederevska Palanka / Rudine AirportBeograd FIRSmederevska palankaSmall airport
LYSUSubotica AirportBeograd FIRSuboticaSmall airport
LYTRTrstenik AirportBeograd FIRTrstenikSmall airport
LYUZUzice-ponikveBeograd FIRUnknown
LYVADivci AirportBeograd FIRValjevoSmall airport
LYZRZrenjanin AirportBeograd FIRZrenjaninSmall airport
RS-0001Bela Crkva AirportBeograd FIRBela CrkvaSmall airport
RS-0002Bojnik AirportBeograd FIRBojnikSmall airport
RS-0003Zemun Polje 13 May AirfieldBeograd FIRZemun PoljeSmall airport
RS-0005Vojka AirportBeograd FIRSmall airport
RS-0006Backi Monostor AirfieldBeograd FIRSomborSmall airport
RS-0009Banjički Vis HeliportBeograd FIRHeliport
RS-0010Bogatić AirfieldBeograd FIRSmall airport
RS-0011Surčin AirstripBeograd FIRSurčinSmall airport
RS-0012Titel AirstripBeograd FIRTitelSmall airport
RS-0013Vršački Ritovi AirstripBeograd FIRSmall airport
RS-0014Progar AirstripBeograd FIRProgarSmall airport
RS-0016Zlatibor Sport Airstrip (U.C.)Beograd FIRSmall airport
RS-0018Golubinci AirstripBeograd FIRSmall airport
RS-0019Bački Jarak AirportBeograd FIRSmall airport
LY87Kovin AirstripBeograd FIRSmall airport
LY88Ponikve AirportUZCBeograd FIRUžiceMidsized airport
LY89Bor AirportBeograd FIRBorSmall airport
LYDKDakovica AmikoBeograd FIRSmall airport
LYEVUgrinovci/ Elgra VižnBeograd FIRUgrinovciHeliport
RS-0020Zimonić (Ilonafalu) GliderportBeograd FIRGliderfield
RS-0024AdaBeograd FIRAdaMicrolight airfield
RS-0025Aleksa Santic / SeverBeograd FIRStanišićMicrolight airfield
RS-0026Apatin / JedinstvoBeograd FIRApatinMicrolight airfield
RS-0027Banatski BrestovacBeograd FIRGrockaMicrolight airfield
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