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Country code QA
Country code (3 digit) QAT
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 21
Size 11,173 km2

Airports in Qatar

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

OTBDDoha International AirportDIABahrain FIR
DohaMidsized airport
OTBHAl Udeid Air BaseXJDBahrain FIR
Ar RayyanMidsized airport
OTHHHamad International AirportDOHBahrain FIR
DohaLarge airport
KQIRAl UdeidBahrain FIRUnknown
OTBKAl Khawr AirportBahrain FIRAl KhawrSmall airport
QA-0001Dukhan / Tamim AirbaseBahrain FIRDukhanSmall airport
QA-0002Abu Samra Border Post HelipadBahrain FIRAs SalwaHeliport
QA-0003Banana Island HelipadBahrain FIRHeliport
QA-0004Al Wakrah Hospital HelipadBahrain FIRHeliport
QA-0005Hamad Emergency HeliportBahrain FIRHeliport
QA-0006JW Marriott Marquis City Center HelipadBahrain FIRHeliport
QA-0007Hamad Medical Corporation Helipad 3Bahrain FIRHeliport
QA-0008Al Faisal Tower HeliportBahrain FIRHeliport
QA-0009Mesaleed AirfieldBahrain FIRSmall airport
QA-0010Al Rayyan Air Defense Base HelipadBahrain FIRHeliport
QA-0011Hilton Salwa Beach HelipadBahrain FIRHeliport
QA-0012Umm Garn AirportBahrain FIRSmall airport
QA-0013Halul HeliportBahrain FIRHeliport
OT62Umm Al-Shokhot AirportBahrain FIRSmall airport
QA-0015Military HelipadBahrain FIRHeliport
QA-0016Military HelipadBahrain FIRHeliport
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