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Puerto Rico

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Country code PR
Country code (3 digit) PRI
Continent North America
Flight Information Regions
Airports 61
Size 9,035 km2

Airports in Puerto Rico

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

PR-0001Mona AirportSan Juan FIRMona IslandSmall airport
PR-0002Fort Allen AirportSan Juan FIRPotala PastilloSmall airport
PR-0003Labadle AirportSan Juan FIRAceitunasSmall airport
PR-0005Unicentro HelipadSan Juan FIRHeliport
HUCHumacao AirportHUCSan Juan FIRHumacaoSmall airport
PR08Baxter-San German HeliportSan Juan FIRSan GermanHeliport
PR22Public Buildings Authority HeliportSan Juan FIRSan JuanHeliport
PR24Cullingford FieldSan Juan FIRBoqueronSmall airport
PR27Santa Isabel AirportSan Juan FIRSanta IsabelSmall airport
PR28R.H. HeliportSan Juan FIRIsabelaHeliport
PR32Hospital Alejandro Otero Lopez HeliportSan Juan FIRManatiHeliport
PR53Sabanera HeliportSan Juan FIRCidraHeliport
PR93San Lorenzo Municipal Heliport Nr 1San Juan FIRHeliport
X64Patillas AirportSan Juan FIRPatillasSmall airport
PR-0006​Isla de Desecheo HelipadSan Juan FIRHeliport
PR-0007(Duplicate)Mona AirportAccra FIRSmall airport
PR-0054Boqueron AirportSan Juan FIRBoqueronSmall airport
PR-0055Caribbean Constr Main Office HeliportSan Juan FIRGuaynaboHeliport
PR-0056Dorado Beach AirportSan Juan FIRDoradoSmall airport
PR-0057Palmas Del Mar AirstripSan Juan FIRCandelero ArribaSmall airport
PR-0058San Juan Steam Plant HeliportSan Juan FIRCatañoHeliport
PR-0059Cuylers AirportSan Juan FIRSabanaSmall airport
PR-0060Mona AirportSan Juan FIRClosed
PR-0061Adjuntas AirportSan Juan FIRAdjuntasSmall airport
PR-0062Banco Popular Center HeliportSan Juan FIRCatañoHeliport
PR-0063Baxter-Aibonito HeliportSan Juan FIRAibonitoHeliport
PR-0064Bayamon Regional Hospital HeliportSan Juan FIRBayamónHeliport
PR-0065Boqueron AirportSan Juan FIRBoquerónSmall airport
PR-0066Empresas Diaz-Rio Pedras HeliportSan Juan FIRTrujillo AltoHeliport
PR-0067Fort Buchanan HeliportSan Juan FIRBayamónHeliport
PR-0068Hato Rey HeliportSan Juan FIRCatañoHeliport
PR-0069Hill HeliportSan Juan FIRCulebraHeliport
PR-0070Insular Government Number Two HeliportSan Juan FIRCatañoHeliport
PR-0071La Concepcion Hospital HeliportSan Juan FIRSan GermánHeliport
PR-0072Lajas AirparkSan Juan FIRPalmarejoSmall airport
PR-0073Mora Development Corp HeliportSan Juan FIRCatañoHeliport
PR-0074Orama-Iayuya HeliportSan Juan FIRJayuyaHeliport
PR-0075Orocovis Health Center HeliportSan Juan FIROrocovisHeliport
PR-0076Parguera HeliportSan Juan FIRLa PargueraHeliport
PR-0077Prasa-Barbosa HeliportSan Juan FIRTrujillo AltoHeliport
PR-0078Prasa-La Plata HeliportSan Juan FIRGalateoHeliport
PR-0079Prtc Office Building HeliportSan Juan FIRCatañoHeliport
PR-0080Puerto HeliportSan Juan FIRGuaynaboHeliport
PR-0081Rexach Office Building HeliportSan Juan FIRCatañoHeliport
PR-0082Sabalos Ward HeliportSan Juan FIRMayagüezHeliport
PR-0083San Patricio HeliportSan Juan FIRCatañoHeliport
PR-0084Squibb HeliportSan Juan FIRBajandasHeliport
PR-0085Villa Marina HeliportSan Juan FIRFajardoHeliport
PR-0086Villamil-304 Ponce De Leon HeliportSan Juan FIRCatañoHeliport
PR-0087Villamil-Mayaguez Mall HeliportSan Juan FIRHormiguerosHeliport
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