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Country code PE
Country code (3 digit) PER
Continent South America
Flight Information Regions
Airports 173
Size 1,295,126 km2

Airports in Peru

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

SPHIAir Force Captain Jose A Quinones Gonzales International AirportCIXLima FIR
ChiclayoMidsized airport
SPJCLima/jorge ChaveLima FIR
SPQTCoronel FAP Francisco Secada Vignetta International AirportIQTLima FIR
IquitosLarge airport
SPRUCapitan FAP Carlos Martinez De Pinillos International AirportTRULima FIR
TrujilloMidsized airport
SPSOCaptain Renán Elías Olivera International AirportPIOLima FIR
PiscoMidsized airport
SPURCapitán FAP Guillermo Concha Iberico International AirportPIULima FIR
PiuraMidsized airport
PE-0001Lagunas AirstripLima FIRLagunasSmall airport
PE-0002Old Iquitos AirportLima FIRIquitosSmall airport
PE-0003Cabo Pantoja AirstripLima FIRCabo PantojaSmall airport
PE-0004Santa Maria de Fatima AirportLima FIRSmall airport
PE-0006Quempiri AirfieldLima FIRCutivireni MissionSmall airport
PE-0007Pucallpa West AirportLima FIRPucallpaSmall airport
PE-0008Saramuro AirportLima FIRSaramuroSmall airport
PE-0009San Lorenzo AirportLima FIRSan LorenzoSmall airport
PE-0010Pativilca AirstripLima FIRPativilcaSmall airport
PE-0011Patao AirportLima FIRBarrancaSmall airport
PE-0013Pucallpa Air Force HeliportLima FIRHeliport
PE-0014Misión SAM AirportLima FIRClosed
PE-0015Puerto Anapati HeliportLima FIRHeliport
PE-0016Micaela Bastidas Morales HeliportLima FIRHeliport
PE-0017Puerto Ocopa HeliportLima FIRHeliport
PE-0018Tanquin HeliportLima FIRHeliport
PE-0019Tamburco AirportLima FIRSmall airport
PE-0020Diospi Suyana Hospital HeliportLima FIRHeliport
PE-0021Pichari AirportLima FIRSmall airport
PE-0022Camposol Chao AirportLima FIRSmall airport
PE-0023Walter Braedt Segú AirportLima FIRSmall airport
PE-0024Yapatera AirportLima FIRSmall airport
PE-0025Huacho AirportLima FIRSmall airport
PE-0033Chala AirportLima FIRPuerto ChalaSmall airport
PE-0035Huanacopampa AirportLima FIRHuanacopampaSmall airport
PE-0037Nuevo Acari AirportLima FIRLa Bella UniónSmall airport
PE-0038Patria AirportLima FIRPillcopataSmall airport
PE-0039Pias AirportLima FIRPatazSmall airport
PE-0040Picota AirportLima FIRPicotaSmall airport
PE-0041San Rafael AirportLima FIRSan RafaelSmall airport
PE-0042Shiringayoc AirportSYCLima FIRShiringayocSmall airport
PE-0044Ventilla AirportLima FIRVentillaSmall airport
SOMLMalin AirportLima FIRMalinSmall airport
SPAACaraz AirportLima FIRAncashClosed
SPABHuancabamba AirportLima FIRHuancabambaSmall airport
SPACCiro Alegria AirportLima FIRBaguaSmall airport
SPAGAguaytia AirportLima FIRAguaytiaClosed
SPAIUrpay AirportLima FIRPatazSmall airport
SPALAlao AirportLima FIREl DoradoSmall airport
SPARAlerta AirportALDLima FIRFortalezaSmall airport
SPASAlferez FAP Alfredo Vladimir Sara Bauer AirportAOPLima FIRAndoasSmall airport
SPATAguas Calientes AirportLima FIRAguas CalientesClosed
SPAYTeniente General Gerardo Pérez Pinedo AirportAYXLima FIRAtalayaMidsized airport
SPBBMoyobamba AirportMBPLima FIRMoyobambaSmall airport
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