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Country code PA
Country code (3 digit) PAN
Continent North America
Flight Information Regions
Airports 77
Size 74,843 km2

Airports in Panama

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

MPDAEnrique Malek International AirportDAVPanama FIR
DavidMidsized airport
MPMGMarcos A. Gelabert International AirportPACPanama FIR
AlbrookMidsized airport
MPPAPanama PacificoPanama FIR
MPTOTocumen International AirportPTYPanama FIR
TocumenLarge airport
MPBOBocas del Toro International AirportBOCPanama FIRIsla ColónMidsized airport
MPCEAlonso Valderrama AirportCTDPanama FIRChitréMidsized airport
MPCFEnrique Adolfo JPanama FIRUnknown
MPCHChanguinola Captain Manuel Niño International AirportCHXPanama FIRChanguinolaMidsized airport
MPEJEnrique Adolfo Jimenez AirportONXPanama FIRColónMidsized airport
MPFSFort Sherman AirportPanama FIRFort ShermanSmall airport
MPHOPanamá Pacífico International AirportBLBPanama FIRPanamá CitySmall airport
MPJEJaqué AirportJQEPanama FIRJaquéSmall airport
MPLBAlbrook Afs / BalboaPanama FIRUnknown
MPMCChame Mayor AirportPanama FIRSmall airport
MPNUAugusto Vergara AirportPanama FIRLos SantosSmall airport
MPPDCapt. J. Montenegro AirportPDMPanama FIRSmall airport
MPRHScarlett Martinez International AirportRIHPanama FIRRío HatoSmall airport
MPSARuben Cantu AirportSYPPanama FIRSantiagoMidsized airport
MPSMScarlett MartinePanama FIRUnknown
MPWNSan Blas AirportNBLPanama FIRWannukandiSmall airport
MPZLFinca 32 AirportPanama FIRLa DaliaSmall airport
PA-0001Achutupu AirportACUPanama FIRAchutupoClosed
PA-0002Aguadulce AirportPanama FIRAguadulceSmall airport
PA-0003Ailigandí AirportAILPanama FIRAlligandiClosed
PA-0004Carti AirportCTEPanama FIRCartiSmall airport
PA-0005Corazón de Jesús AirportPanama FIRNurnaSmall airport
PA-0006Finca Blanco AirportPanama FIRFinca BlancoSmall airport
PA-0007Finca Fátima AirportPanama FIRFinca FátimaSmall airport
PA-0008La Joya AirportPanama FIRLa JoyaSmall airport
PA-0009La Plantación AirportPanama FIRLa PlantaciónSmall airport
PA-0010Mandinga AirportPanama FIRMandingaClosed
PA-0011Mulatupo AirportMPPPanama FIRMulatupoSmall airport
PA-0013Playón Chico AirportPYCPanama FIRPlayón ChicoSmall airport
PA-0014Río Azúcar AirportPanama FIRRío AzúcarSmall airport
PA-0015Rio Sidra AirportPanama FIRRio SidraSmall airport
PA-0016Río Tigre AirportPanama FIRRío TigreSmall airport
PA-0017San Miguel AirportNMGPanama FIRIsla del ReySmall airport
PA-0018Tubualá AirportPanama FIRTubalaSmall airport
PA-0019Tupile AirportPanama FIRTupileSmall airport
PA-0020Coral Lodge AirportPanama FIRSmall airport
PA-0022Yaviza AirportPYVPanama FIRYavizaSmall airport
PA-0024Coiba AirportPanama FIRIsla de CoibaSmall airport
PA-0025Arena AirportPanama FIRArenaSmall airport
PA-0026Tonosí AirportPanama FIRTonosíSmall airport
PA-0027Candelaria AirportPanama FIRLa CandelariaSmall airport
PA-0028Nusatupo AirportPanama FIRSmall airport
PA-0029Wannukandi AirportPanama FIRSmall airport
PA-0030Mansukun AirportPanama FIRSmall airport
PA-0032Caledonia AirportPanama FIRSmall airport
CZJCorazón de Jesús AirportCZJPanama FIRCorazón de Jesús and Narganá IslandsSmall airport
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