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North Macedonia

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Country code MK
Country code (3 digit) MKD
Continent Europe
Flight Information Regions
Airports 15
Size 25,349 km2

Airports in North Macedonia

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

LWOHOhrid St. Paul the Apostle AirportOHDSkopje FIR
OhridMidsized airport
LWSKSkopje International AirportSKPSkopje FIR
SkopjeLarge airport
MK-0001Gradsko AirfieldSkopje FIRGradskoSmall airport
MK-0002Suchevo Recreational AirfieldSkopje FIRŠtipSmall airport
MK-0003Radnja AirstripSkopje FIRSmall airport
LW66Malo Konjari Sport AirfieldSkopje FIRMalo KonjariSmall airport
LW67Kumanovo AirbaseSkopje FIRKumanovoSmall airport
LW68Srpci AirfieldSkopje FIRSrpciClosed
LW69Dolneni AirportSkopje FIRDolneniSmall airport
LW70Veles AirstripSkopje FIRVelesSmall airport
LW71Peshirovo Sveti Nikole AirfieldSkopje FIRSveti NikoleSmall airport
LW72Negotino AirfieldSkopje FIRNegotinoSmall airport
LW73Štip AirstripSkopje FIRStipSmall airport
LW74Logovardi Sport AerodromeSkopje FIRBitolaSmall airport
LW75Stenkovec Brazda AirportSkopje FIRBrazdaSmall airport
MK-0014Logovardi AirportSkopje FIRLogovardiClosed
MK-0015Srpci AirportSkopje FIRBeranciSmall airport
MK-0016Stenkovec Brazda AirportSkopje FIRŠuto OrizareClosed
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