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Country code NG
Country code (3 digit) NGA
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 64
Size 911,217 km2

Airports in Nigeria

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

DNAANnamdi Azikiwe International AirportABVKano FIR
AbujaLarge airport
DNENAkanu Ibiam International AirportENUKano FIR
EneguMidsized airport
DNILIlorin International AirportILRKano FIR
IlorinMidsized airport
DNIMSam Mbakwe International AirportQOWKano FIR
OwerriMidsized airport
DNKAKaduna AirportKADKano FIR
KadunaMidsized airport
DNMMMurtala Muhammed International AirportLOSKano FIR
LagosLarge airport
DNMNMinna AirportMXJKano FIR
MinnaMidsized airport
DNPOPort Harcourt International AirportPHCKano FIR
Port HarcourtMidsized airport
DNAIAkwa Ibom International AirportQUOKano FIRUyoMidsized airport
DNAKAkure AirportAKRKano FIRAkureMidsized airport
DNASAsaba International AirportABBKano FIRAsabaMidsized airport
DNBABauchi AirportKano FIRBauchiSmall airport
DNBBBebi AirportKano FIRBayalugaSmall airport
DNBCSir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa International AirportBCUKano FIRBauchiMidsized airport
DNBEBenin AirportBNIKano FIRBeninMidsized airport
DNBIBida AirportKano FIRBidaSmall airport
DNCAMargaret Ekpo International AirportCBQKano FIRCalabarMidsized airport
DNDSDutse International AirportKano FIRDutseSmall airport
DNFBFinima Bonny AirportKano FIRFinimaSmall airport
DNFDForçados Terminal AirportKano FIRForcadosSmall airport
DNGOGombeKano FIRUnknown
DNGUGusau AirportKano FIRGusauMidsized airport
DNIBIbadan AirportIBAKano FIRIbadanMidsized airport
DNJAJalingo AirportKano FIRJalingoSmall airport
DNJOYakubu Gowon AirportJOSKano FIRJosMidsized airport
DNKNMallam Aminu International AirportKANKano FIRKanoMidsized airport
DNKTKatsina/yaraduraKano FIRKatsinaSmall airport
DNMAMaiduguri International AirportMIUKano FIRMaiduguriMidsized airport
DNMKMakurdi AirportMDIKano FIRMakurdiMidsized airport
DNOSOshogbo AirportKano FIROshogboSmall airport
DNSOSadiq Abubakar III International AirportSKOKano FIRSokotoMidsized airport
DNSUOsubiKano FIRUnknown
DNYOYola AirportYOLKano FIRYolaMidsized airport
DNZAZaria AirportZARKano FIRZariaMidsized airport
NG-0002Kainji Air BaseKano FIRSmall airport
NG-0003Gombe Lawanti International AirportGMOKano FIRGombeMidsized airport
NG-0004Port Harcourt City Airport / Port Harcourt Air Force BasePHGKano FIRPort HarcourtSmall airport
NG-0005Srr Ahmadu Bello International AirportKano FIRBirinin KebbiSmall airport
NG-0006Okpoma AirportKano FIRSmall airport
NG-0007Lokoja AirstripKano FIRLokojaSmall airport
NG-0009Nigeria LNG HelipadKano FIRHeliport
NG-0010Mazi Alex Otti HeliportKano FIRHeliport
NG-0011Shell Industrial Area HeliportKano FIRHeliport
NG-0012Agip HeliportKano FIRHeliport
NG-0013Exxon Mobil Aba Road Estate HeliportKano FIRHeliport
NG-0014Daura HeliportKano FIRHeliport
NG-0015Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library Abeokuta HelipadKano FIRHeliport
NG-0016June 12 Cultural Centre Abeokuta HelipadKano FIRHeliport
NG-0018Otuoke HeliportKano FIRHeliport
NG-0019Yenagoa HeliportKano FIRHeliport
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