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Country code NE
Country code (3 digit) NER
Continent Africa
Airports 26
Size 1,185,161 km2

Airports in Niger

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

DRRMMaradi AirportMFQNiamey FIR
MaradiMidsized airport
DRRNDiori Hamani International AirportNIMNiamey FIR
NiameyLarge airport
DRRTTahoua AirportTHZNiamey FIR
TahouaMidsized airport
DRZAMano Dayak International AirportAJYNiamey FIR
AgadezMidsized airport
DRZRZinder AirportZNDNiamey FIR
ZinderMidsized airport
DRRATessaoua AirportNiamey FIRTessaouaSmall airport
DRRCDogondoutchi AirportNiamey FIRDogondoutchiSmall airport
DRRDDosso AirportNiamey FIRDossoSmall airport
DRRETera AirportNiamey FIRTeraSmall airport
DRRGGaya AirportNiamey FIRGayaSmall airport
DRRIBilma AirportN Djamena FIRBilmaSmall airport
DRRLTillabery AirportNiamey FIRTillaberySmall airport
DRRPLa Tapoa AirportNiamey FIRLa TapoaSmall airport
DRRUOuallam AirportNiamey FIROuallamSmall airport
DRZDDirkou AirportN Djamena FIRSmall airport
DRZFDiffa AirportN Djamena FIRDiffaSmall airport
DRZGGoure AirportNiamey FIRGoureSmall airport
DRZLArlit AirportRLTNiamey FIRArlitSmall airport
DRZMMaine-Soroa AirportN Djamena FIRMaine-SoroaSmall airport
DRZNN'Guigmi AirportN Djamena FIRN'GuigmiSmall airport
DRZTTanout AirportNiamey FIRTanoutSmall airport
NE-0001Niger Air Base 201Niamey FIRSmall airport
NE-0005Iferouane AirportNiamey FIRIferouaneSmall airport
DRRBBirni-N Konni AirportNiamey FIRBirni N KonniClosed
DRZIIferouane AirportNiamey FIRSmall airport
NE-0002Kourou Arkenné AirfieldTripoli FIRSmall airport
NE-0003Madama Military BaseN Djamena FIRSmall airport
NE-0004Fachi AirportN Djamena FIRSmall airport
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