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New Zealand

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Country code NZ
Country code (3 digit) NZL
Continent Oceania
Flight Information Regions
Airports 268
Size 268,104 km2

Airports in New Zealand

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

NZAAAuckland International AirportAKLNew Zealand FIR
AucklandLarge airport
NZCHChristchurch International AirportCHCNew Zealand FIR
ChristchurchLarge airport
NZWNWellington International AirportWLGNew Zealand FIR
WellingtonLarge airport
NZ-0001Mesopotamia Station AirstripNew Zealand FIRSmall airport
NZ-0002Arrowsmith StationNew Zealand FIRSmall airport
NZ-0003Hawea DownsNew Zealand FIRSmall airport
NZ-0004Hakatere AirstripNew Zealand FIRSmall airport
NZ-0005Lake Haupiri/Gloriavale Christian Community AirportNew Zealand FIRSmall airport
NZ-0007DunsandelNew Zealand FIRSmall airport
NZ-0008Cattle Creek AirstripNew Zealand FIRSmall airport
NZ-0009Manuka Point Lodge AirstripNew Zealand FIRSmall airport
NZ-0010Dingleburn Station AirstripNew Zealand FIRSmall airport
NZ-0011Worthy Lodge airstrip (Ladbrooks)New Zealand FIRSmall airport
NZ-0012Kings (Ladbrooks)New Zealand FIRClosed
NZ-0013CulverdenNew Zealand FIRHurunui District CouncilSmall airport
NZ-0014Big Bay Beach AirstripNew Zealand FIRBig BaySmall airport
NZ-0015Taitapu Ag stripNew Zealand FIRTaitapuSmall airport
NZ-0016Cape Campbell airstripNew Zealand FIRSmall airport
NZ-0017Neils Beach AerodromeNew Zealand FIRSmall airport
NZ-0018Gorge River AirstripNew Zealand FIRGorge RiverSmall airport
NZ-0019Jennian Hangar, Waikato Hospital HeliportNew Zealand FIRHamiltonHeliport
NZ-0020Center Island AirstripNew Zealand FIRRaratoka IslandSmall airport
NZ-0021Glenshe AirstripNew Zealand FIRSmall airport
NZ-0022Cromwell/Louburn AirportNew Zealand FIRCromwellClosed
NZ-0023Middlemore Hospital HelipadNew Zealand FIRAuklandHeliport
NZ-0024Wairakei HelipadNew Zealand FIRTaupoHeliport
NZ-0026Pitt Island AerodromeAuckland Oceanic East FIRPitt IslandSmall airport
NZ-0027Raoul Island AirstripAuckland Oceanic East FIRKermadec IslandsSmall airport
NZAEMount Tarawera AirportNew Zealand FIRMount TaraweraSmall airport
NZAHTaharoa Iron Sands HeliportNew Zealand FIRTaharoaHeliport
NZALAvalon HeliportNew Zealand FIRWellingtonHeliport
NZANAlfredton AirportNew Zealand FIRAlfredtonSmall airport
NZAPTaupo AirportTUONew Zealand FIRTaupoMidsized airport
NZARArdmore AirportAMZNew Zealand FIRManurewaMidsized airport
NZASAshburton AerodromeASGNew Zealand FIRSmall airport
NZBABalclutha AerodromeNew Zealand FIRBalcluthaSmall airport
NZBCASB Bank Centre HeliportNew Zealand FIRAuklandHeliport
NZBWBurwood Hospital HeliportNew Zealand FIRChristchurchHeliport
NZCACampbell IslandAuckland Oceanic East FIRUnknown
NZCBCentre Bush AerodromeNew Zealand FIRCentre BushSmall airport
NZCIChatham Islands / Tuuta AirportCHTAuckland Oceanic East FIRWaitangiMidsized airport
NZCSCromwell Racecourse AerodromeNew Zealand FIRSmall airport
NZCXCoromandel AerodromeCMVNew Zealand FIRSmall airport
NZDADargaville AerodromeDGRNew Zealand FIRSmall airport
NZDCDunedin City HeliportNew Zealand FIRDunedinHeliport
NZDHDunedin Hospital HelipadNew Zealand FIRDunedinHeliport
NZDNDunedin International AirportDUDNew Zealand FIRDunedinMidsized airport
NZDVDannevirke AerodromeNew Zealand FIRSmall airport
NZESWharepapa South AirportNew Zealand FIRSmall airport
NZFFForest Field AerodromeNew Zealand FIRSmall airport
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