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New Caledonia

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Country code NC
Country code (3 digit) NCL
Continent Oceania
Airports 25
Size 18,892 km2

Airports in New Caledonia

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

NWWWLa Tontouta International AirportNOUNadi East FIR
NouméaMidsized airport
NC-0001Île Hugon AirstripNadi East FIRHugon IslandSmall airport
NC-0002Nakutakoin Ultralight AirportNadi East FIRSmall airport
NC-0003Médipôle de Koutio - Gaston-Bourret Territorial Central Hospital HeliportNadi East FIRHeliport
NC-0004Méridien HeliportNadi East FIRHeliport
NC-0005Ouinne Private AirportNadi East FIRSmall airport
NWWATiga AirportTGJNadi East FIRTigaMidsized airport
NWWBBourail - Poé AirportNadi East FIRBourail / PoéSmall airport
NWWCÎle Art - Waala AirportBMYNadi East FIRWaalaMidsized airport
NWWDKoné AirportKNQNadi East FIRKonéMidsized airport
NWWEÎle des Pins AirportILPNadi East FIRÎle des PinsMidsized airport
NWWHNesson AirportHLUNadi East FIRHouailouClosed
NWWIHienghène AirportNadi East FIRSmall airport
NWWKKoumac AirportKOCNadi East FIRKoumacMidsized airport
NWWLLifou AirportLIFNadi East FIRLifouMidsized airport
NWWMNouméa Magenta AirportGEANadi East FIRNouméaLarge airport
NWWNNoumea Nlle-CaledonieNadi East FIRUnknown
NWWPPoum / Malabou AirportPUVNadi East FIRPoumSmall airport
NWWQMueo AirportPDCNadi East FIRMueoSmall airport
NWWRMaré AirportMEENadi East FIRMaréMidsized airport
NWWTOua Tom AirportNadi East FIRLa FoaSmall airport
NWWUTouho AirportTOUNadi East FIRTouhoMidsized airport
NWWVOuvéa AirportUVENadi East FIROuvéaMidsized airport
NWWXCanala AirportNadi East FIRCanalaSmall airport
NWWYOuaco AirportNadi East FIROuacoSmall airport
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