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Country code NA
Country code (3 digit) NAM
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 331
Size 824,824 km2

Airports in Namibia

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

FYGFGrootfontein AirportGFYWindhoek FIR
GrootfonteinMidsized airport
FYKMKatima Mulilo AirportMPAGaborone FIR
MpachaSmall airport
FYKTKeetmanshoop AirportKMPWindhoek FIR
KeetmanshoopMidsized airport
FYLZLuderitz AirportLUDWindhoek FIR
LuderitzMidsized airport
FYOAOndangwa AirportONDWindhoek FIR
OndangwaMidsized airport
FYOGOranjemund AirportOMDJohannesburg FIR
OranjemundMidsized airport
FYWBWalvis Bay AirportWVBWindhoek FIR
Walvis BayMidsized airport
FYWEEros AirportERSWindhoek FIR
WindhoekMidsized airport
FYWHHosea Kutako International AirportWDHWindhoek FIR
WindhoekLarge airport
FAGBGobabisWindhoek FIRUnknown
FYAAAi-Ais AirportAIWJohannesburg FIRAi-AisSmall airport
FYABAroab B AirportWindhoek FIRAroabSmall airport
FYAEAi Aiba LodgeWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYAGAnib LodgeWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYAJKanaan Kuse Desert RetreatWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYALAuob LodgeWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYAMAminuis AirstripWindhoek FIRAminuisSmall airport
FYANAranosWindhoek FIRUnknown
FYARArandis AirportADIWindhoek FIRArandisMidsized airport
FYASAus AirportWindhoek FIRAusSmall airport
FYAVAriamsvley AirportJohannesburg FIRAriamsvleySmall airport
FYBBBeenbreeckWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYBCBethanien AirportWindhoek FIRBethanienSmall airport
FYBGBaganiGaborone FIRUnknown
FYBIArabiWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYBJBitterwasser Lodge & Flying Club AirfieldWindhoek FIRBitterwasserSmall airport
FYBKBrukkarosWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYBMB2gold Otjikoto MineWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYBOBlumfeldeWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYBSKalahari Bush BreaksWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYBWBwabwataGaborone FIRSmall airport
FYBYByseewahWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYCAKavango Cattle RanchWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYDCDamaraland CampWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYDHDesert HomesteadWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYDLNamib Desert LodgeWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYDNDoro Nawas AirstripWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYDSDordabisWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYEAEtendekaWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYEFEpupa FallsWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYEHEhombaWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYEIErindi RanchWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYEKEpukiro AirportWindhoek FIREpukiroSmall airport
FYEMEmeritus/onanisWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYENEenhana AirportWindhoek FIREenhanaSmall airport
FYEOEpakoWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYEPEpachaWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYETEtusisWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYGAGamWindhoek FIRSmall airport
FYGBGobabis AirportGOGWindhoek FIRGobabisSmall airport
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