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Country code MM
Country code (3 digit) MMR
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 102
Size 664,957 km2

Airports in Myanmar

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

VYNTNamtu AirportNMTYangon FIR
VYYYYangon International AirportRGNYangon FIR
YangonLarge airport
MM-0002Hinthada AirportHEBYangon FIRHinthadaSmall airport
MM-0003Langkho AirportYangon FIRLanghkoSmall airport
MM-0004Myoungmya AirportYangon FIRMyoungmyaSmall airport
MM-0005Shinbweyang AirportYangon FIRShinbweyangSmall airport
MM-0006Preparis HeliportYangon FIRHeliport
MM-0007Preparis East HeliportYangon FIRHeliport
MM-0008Little Coco Island North HeliportYangon FIRHeliport
MM-0009Little Coco Island HeliportYangon FIRHeliport
MM-0010Table Island HeliportYangon FIRHeliport
VY02New Magway AirportYangon FIRMagwayClosed
MM-0014Bokpyinn AirportVBPYangon FIRBokpyinnSmall airport
MM-0015Mrauk-U AirportYangon FIRMyauk USmall airport
MM-0016Pakhokku AirportPKKYangon FIRPakhokkuSmall airport
VBBMBhamoYangon FIRUnknown
VBBSPatheinYangon FIRUnknown
VBCICoco IslandYangon FIRUnknown
VBHLHomalinYangon FIRUnknown
VBKGKengtungYangon FIRUnknown
VBKPKyaukpyuYangon FIRUnknown
VBLSLashioYangon FIRUnknown
VBMKMyitkyinaYangon FIRUnknown
VBMLMeiktilaYangon FIRUnknown
VBMMMoulmeinYangon FIRUnknown
VBMSMonghsatYangon FIRUnknown
VBNUNyaung-u/paganYangon FIRUnknown
VBPAHpa-AnYangon FIRUnknown
VBPGBago/peguYangon FIRUnknown
VBPRPromeYangon FIRUnknown
VBPTPutaoYangon FIRUnknown
VBRAAkyabYangon FIRUnknown
VBRMMandalayYangon FIRUnknown
VBRNMerguiYangon FIRUnknown
VBRRMingaladonYangon FIRUnknown
VBSYSandowayYangon FIRUnknown
VBTVDaweiYangon FIRUnknown
VBYEYeYangon FIRUnknown
VYANAnn AirportVBAYangon FIRAengSmall airport
VYASAnisakan AirportYangon FIRAnisakanSmall airport
VYBGBagan AirportNYUYangon FIRNyaung USmall airport
VYBMBanmaw AirportBMOYangon FIRBanmawSmall airport
VYCICoco Island AirportYangon FIRCoco IslandSmall airport
VYCZChanmyathazi AirportYangon FIRMandalaySmall airport
VYDWDawei AirportTVYYangon FIRDaweiMidsized airport
VYELNay Pyi Taw International AirportNYTYangon FIRPyinmanaMidsized airport
VYGGGangaw AirportGAWYangon FIRGangawSmall airport
VYGWGwa AirportGWAYangon FIRGwaSmall airport
VYHBHmawbi Air BaseYangon FIRHmawbiSmall airport
VYHHHeho AirportHEHYangon FIRHehoMidsized airport
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