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Country code MN
Country code (3 digit) MNG
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 32
Size 1,560,546 km2

Airports in Mongolia

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

ZMCKUlaanbaatar Chinggis Khaan International AirportUBNUlan Bator FIR
UlaanbaatarLarge airport
ZMUBBuyant-Ukhaa International AirportULNUlan Bator FIR
Ulan BatorMidsized airport
ERTErdenet AirportERTUlan Bator FIRErdenetSmall airport
HTMKhatgal AirportHTMUlan Bator FIRHatgalSmall airport
MXWMandalgobi AirportMXWUlan Bator FIRMandalgobiSmall airport
ULZJibhalanta AirportUlan Bator FIRUliastaiSmall airport
MN-0008Dalanzadgad AirportDLZUlan Bator FIRDalanzadgadMidsized airport
ZMAHArvaikheer AirportAVKUlan Bator FIRArvaikheerMidsized airport
ZMATAltai AirportLTIUlan Bator FIRAltaiMidsized airport
ZMBDBinder AirportUlan Bator FIRBinderClosed
ZMBHBayankhongor AirportBYNUlan Bator FIRBayankhongorMidsized airport
ZMBNBulgan AirportUGAUlan Bator FIRBulganMidsized airport
ZMBRBulagtai Resort AirportUGTUlan Bator FIRUmnugobitourSmall airport
ZMBSBulgan Sum AirportHBUUlan Bator FIRBulganSmall airport
ZMBUBaruun Urt AirportUUNUlan Bator FIRMidsized airport
ZMCDChoibalsan AirportCOQUlan Bator FIRMidsized airport
ZMDADadal AirportUlan Bator FIRDadalSmall airport
ZMDNDonoi AirportULZUlan Bator FIRUliastaiSmall airport
ZMHHKharkhorin AirportKHRUlan Bator FIRSmall airport
ZMHUKhujirt AirportHJTUlan Bator FIRKhujirtSmall airport
ZMKBUmnugobi Khanbumbat AirportUlan Bator FIRSmall airport
ZMKDKhovd AirportHVDUlan Bator FIRKhovdMidsized airport
ZMMNMörön AirportMXVUlan Bator FIRMörönMidsized airport
ZMOTKhanbumbat AirportUlan Bator FIROyu TolgoiSmall airport
ZMSHSainshand AirportUlan Bator FIRSmall airport
ZMTGTsetserleg AirportTSZUlan Bator FIRTselserlegSmall airport
ZMTLTosontsengel AirportTNZUlan Bator FIRTosontsengelSmall airport
ZMUGUlaangom AirportULOUlan Bator FIRUlaangomSmall airport
ZMULÖlgii Mongolei AirportULGUlan Bator FIRSmall airport
ZUMHÖndörkhaan AirportUNRUlan Bator FIRÖndörkhaanSmall airport
MN-0003Bulgan AirportUlan Bator FIRSmall airport
ZMDZDalanzadgad AirportUlan Bator FIRDalandzadgadClosed
ZMGTOvoot AirportUlan Bator FIRSmall airport
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