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Country code MD
Country code (3 digit) MDA
Continent Europe
Flight Information Regions
Airports 11
Size 33,116 km2

Airports in Moldova

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LUKKChişinău International AirportKIVChisinau FIR
ChişinăuMidsized airport
LUBLBălți International AirportBZYChisinau FIRBălțiMidsized airport
LUBMMărculeşti International AirportChisinau FIRMărculeştiMidsized airport
LUCHCahul International AirportChisinau FIRCahulMidsized airport
LUTRTiraspol AirportChisinau FIRTiraspolMidsized airport
MD-0002Vadul lui Voda AirfieldChisinau FIRClosed
MD-0003Horeshti AirfieldChisinau FIRHoreshtiSmall airport
MD-0004CălărașiChisinau FIRCălărașiSmall airport
MD-0005Alexanderfeld AirstripChisinau FIRSmall airport
MD-0006Baimaclia AirstripChisinau FIRSmall airport
LUKEEt CeteraChisinau FIRSmall airport
LUKHHorestiChisinau FIRSîngeraSmall airport
LUKVVadul Lui VodaChisinau FIRVadul lui VodăSmall airport
MD-0007Vinaria Et Cetera AirstripChisinau FIRSmall airport
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