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Marshall Islands

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Country code MH
Country code (3 digit) MHL
Continent Oceania
Airports 34
Size 166 km2

Airports in Marshall Islands

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

PKMJAmata Kabua International AirportMAJOakland Oceanic West FIR
Majuro AtollMidsized airport
PKMRMajuro Atoll, NWS OfficeOakland Oceanic West FIR
PKWABucholz Army Air Field(Kwajalein KMR)(Atoll)KWAOakland Oceanic West FIR
KwajaleinMidsized airport
AIPAilinglaplap Airok AirportAICOakland Oceanic West FIRBigatyelang IslandSmall airport
EALElenak AirportEALOakland Oceanic West FIRMejato IslandSmall airport
EBOEbon AirportEBOOakland Oceanic West FIREbon AtollSmall airport
EJTEnejit AirportEJTOakland Oceanic West FIREnejit IslandSmall airport
AIMAiluk AirportAIMOakland Oceanic West FIRAiluk IslandSmall airport
AULAur Island AirportAULOakland Oceanic West FIRAur AtollSmall airport
BIIEnyu AirfieldBIIOakland Oceanic West FIRBikini AtollSmall airport
EBNEbadon AirportEBNOakland Oceanic West FIREbadon IslandSmall airport
JATJabot AirportJATOakland Oceanic West FIRAilinglapalap AtollSmall airport
JEJJeh AirportJEJOakland Oceanic West FIRAilinglapalap AtollSmall airport
KBTKaben AirportKBTOakland Oceanic West FIRKabenSmall airport
LIKLikiep AirportLIKOakland Oceanic West FIRLikiep IslandSmall airport
LMLLae Island AirportLMLOakland Oceanic West FIRLae IslandSmall airport
MAVMaloelap Island AirportMAVOakland Oceanic West FIRMaloelap IslandClosed
MJBMejit Atoll AirportMJBOakland Oceanic West FIRMejit AtollClosed
MJEMajkin AirportMJEOakland Oceanic West FIRMajkinSmall airport
NDKNamorik Atoll AirportNDKOakland Oceanic West FIRNamorik AtollClosed
RNPRongelap Island AirportRNPOakland Oceanic West FIRRongelap IslandSmall airport
TICTinak AirportTICOakland Oceanic West FIRArno AtollClosed
UITJaluit AirportUITOakland Oceanic West FIRJabor Jaluit AtollClosed
WJAWoja AirportWJAOakland Oceanic West FIRWojaClosed
WTEWotje AirportWTEOakland Oceanic West FIRWotje AtollClosed
WTOWotho Island AirportWTOOakland Oceanic West FIRWotho IslandSmall airport
Q51Kili AirportKIOOakland Oceanic West FIRKili IslandClosed
TBVTabal AirstripTBVOakland Oceanic West FIRTabal IslandSmall airport
MLIPMili Island AirportMIJOakland Oceanic West FIRMili IslandSmall airport
PKMAEniwetok AirportENTOakland Oceanic West FIREniwetok AtollClosed
UJAPUjae Atoll AirportUJEOakland Oceanic West FIRUjae AtollSmall airport
03NUtirik AirportOakland Oceanic West FIRUtirik IslandSmall airport
1Q9Mili AirportOakland Oceanic West FIRMili IslandSmall airport
3N0Namorik AirportOakland Oceanic West FIRNamorik AtollSmall airport
3N1Maloelap AirportOakland Oceanic West FIRTaora Is Maloelap AtollSmall airport
C30Mejit AirportOakland Oceanic West FIRMejit AtollSmall airport
C51Kili AirportOakland Oceanic West FIRKili IslandSmall airport
N18Tinak AirportOakland Oceanic West FIRArno AtollSmall airport
N20Ine AirportOakland Oceanic West FIRArno AtollSmall airport
N36Wotje AirportOakland Oceanic West FIRWotje AtollSmall airport
N55Jaluit AirportOakland Oceanic West FIRJabor Jaluit AtollSmall airport
MH-0028Ine AirportOakland Oceanic West FIRArnoClosed
MH-0029Jabot AirportOakland Oceanic West FIRSmall airport
MH-0030Majkin AirportOakland Oceanic West FIRLoenSmall airport
MH-0031Woja AirportOakland Oceanic West FIRSmall airport
MH-0032Wotje Atoll AirportOakland Oceanic West FIRWotjeClosed
MH-0033Mejit Atoll AirportOakland Oceanic West FIRMejitClosed
MH-0034Enewetak Auxiliary Air Force AirportOakland Oceanic West FIREnewetakSmall airport
PKMAEnewetak Auxiliary Air Force AirportOakland Oceanic West FIREnewetakClosed
MH-0036Utirik AirportOakland Oceanic West FIRUtrikSmall airport
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