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Country code ML
Country code (3 digit) MLI
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 38
Size 1,256,812 km2

Airports in Mali

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

GABSModibo Keita International AirportBKODakar FIR
BamakoLarge airport
GAKDKayesDakar FIR
GAMBMopti Ambodédjo International AirportMZIDakar FIR
Midsized airport
GANRNioro du Sahel AirportNIXDakar FIR
Nioro du SahelSmall airport
GAAOAnsongo AirportNiamey FIRAnsongoSmall airport
GABDBandiagara AirportNiamey FIRBandiagaraSmall airport
GABFBafoulabé AirportDakar FIRBafoulabeSmall airport
GABGBougouni AirportDakar FIRBougouniSmall airport
GABRBourem AirportNiamey FIRBouremSmall airport
GACAShip C7l/romeoShanwick Oceanic FIRUnknown
GADADioila AirportDakar FIRDioilaClosed
GADZDouentza AirportNiamey FIRDouentzaSmall airport
GAFDFaladie AirportDakar FIRFaladieSmall airport
GAGMGoundam AirportGUDDakar FIRGoundamSmall airport
GAGOGao AirportGAQNiamey FIRMidsized airport
GAHBHomboriNiamey FIRUnknown
GAKAKenieba AirportKNZDakar FIRKeniebaSmall airport
GAKLKidal AirportNiamey FIRKidalSmall airport
GAKNKolokani AirportDakar FIRKolokaniSmall airport
GAKOKoutiala AirportKTXDakar FIRKoutialaSmall airport
GAKTKita AirportDakar FIRKitaSmall airport
GAKYKayes Dag Dag AirportKYSDakar FIRMidsized airport
GANFNiafunke AirportDakar FIRNiafunkeSmall airport
GANKNara AirportNRMDakar FIRNaraSmall airport
GASGSegouDakar FIRUnknown
GASKSikasso AirportKSSDakar FIRSikassoClosed
GASNSanDakar FIRUnknown
GASODignangan AirportDakar FIRSmall airport
GATBTimbuktu AirportTOMNiamey FIRTimbuktuMidsized airport
GATSTessalit AirportNiamey FIRSmall airport
GAYEYélimané AirportEYLDakar FIRYélimanéSmall airport
ML-0001Manantali Bengassi AirportDakar FIRManantaliSmall airport
ML-0002Tassiga AirportNiamey FIRSmall airport
ML-0004Léré HeliportDakar FIRHeliport
GA1AKayes AirportDakar FIRSmall airport
ML-0008Menaka AirportNiamey FIRMenakaSmall airport
GAKMKe-Macina AirportDakar FIRKé-MacinaClosed
GAMAMarkala AirportDakar FIRMarkalaClosed
GAMKMenaka AirportNiamey FIRMénakaSmall airport
ML-0005Ansongo HeliportNiamey FIRHeliport
ML-0006Aguelhok HeliportNiamey FIRHeliport
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