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Country code MW
Country code (3 digit) MWI
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 30
Size 119,848 km2

Airports in Malawi

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

FWCLChileka International AirportBLZLilongwe FIR
BlantyreMidsized airport
FWKILilongwe International AirportLLWLilongwe FIR
LilongweMidsized airport
FWBGBangula AirportBeira FIRBangulaClosed
FWCBChilumba Private AirportLilongwe FIRChilumbaSmall airport
FWCDChelinda Malawi AirportCEHLilongwe FIRSmall airport
FWCMClub Makokola AirportCMKLilongwe FIRClub MakokolaSmall airport
FWCSNtchisi AirportLilongwe FIRNtchisiSmall airport
FWCTChitipa AirportLusaka FIRChitipaSmall airport
FWDWDwangwa AirportDWALilongwe FIRDwangwaMidsized airport
FWKAKaronga AirportKGJLilongwe FIRKarongaMidsized airport
FWKGKasungu AirportKBQLilongwe FIRKasunguSmall airport
FWKKNkhota Kota AirportLilongwe FIRNkhota KotaSmall airport
FWLEOld Lilongwe AirportLilongwe FIRLilongweSmall airport
FWLILilongwe Intl ArLLWLilongwe FIRUnknown
FWLKLikoma Island AirportLIXBeira FIRLikoma IslandSmall airport
FWLLLilongwe Intl ArLilongwe FIRUnknown
FWLPLifupa AirportLilongwe FIRLifupaSmall airport
FWMCMchinji AirportLilongwe FIRMchinjiSmall airport
FWMGMangochi AirportMAILilongwe FIRMangochiMidsized airport
FWMYMonkey Bay AirportMYZLilongwe FIRMonkey BaySmall airport
FWMZMzimba AirportLilongwe FIRMzimbaSmall airport
FWNBNgabu AirportLilongwe FIRNgabuSmall airport
FWSJNsanje AirportBeira FIRNsanjeSmall airport
FWSMSalima AirportLMBLilongwe FIRSalimaSmall airport
FWSUNchalo Sucoma AirportLilongwe FIRNchaloSmall airport
FWTKMtakatata AirportLilongwe FIRMtakatataSmall airport
FWUUMzuzu AirportZZULilongwe FIRMzuzuMidsized airport
FWZAZomba AirportLilongwe FIRZombaSmall airport
MW-0001Chintheche AerodromeLilongwe FIRSmall airport
VUUMvuu Camp AirportVUULilongwe FIRLiwonde National ParkSmall airport
FWDZDedza AirportLilongwe FIRDedzaClosed
FWKBKatumbi AirportLilongwe FIRClosed
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