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Country code LU
Country code (3 digit) LUX
Continent Europe
Airports 14
Size 2,600 km2

Airports in Luxembourg

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

ELLXLuxembourg-Findel International AirportLUXBruxelles FIR
LuxembourgLarge airport
ELEAEsch-sur-alzette / Centre Hospitalier EmBruxelles FIRHeliport
ELETEttelbruckBruxelles FIRHeliport
ELLCCentre Hospitalier Du CentreBruxelles FIRHeliport
ELLKHôpital KirchbergBruxelles FIRHeliport
ELLZLuxembourg / ZithaklinikBruxelles FIRHeliport
ELMDMedernach / KitzebourBruxelles FIRClosed
ELNTNoertrange AirfieldBruxelles FIRWinselerSmall airport
ELUSUseldange Glider FieldBruxelles FIRUseldangeGliderfield
LU-0001Ettelbruck heliportBruxelles FIREttelbruckHeliport
LU-0003Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg HelipadBruxelles FIRLuxembourgHeliport
LU-0004Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch HeliportBruxelles FIREsch-Sur-AlzetteHeliport
LU-0005Clinique Ste-Thérèse heliportBruxelles FIRLuxembourgHeliport
LU-0006Hôpital Kirchberg heliportBruxelles FIRLuxembourgHeliport
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