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Country code LV
Country code (3 digit) LVA
Continent Europe
Flight Information Regions
Airports 70
Size 64,259 km2

Airports in Latvia

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

EVGALielvarde Air BaseRiga FIR
LielvardeSmall airport
EVLALiepāja International AirportLPXRiga FIR
LiepājaMidsized airport
EVRARiga International AirportRIXRiga FIR
RigaLarge airport
EVVAVentspils International AirportVNTRiga FIR
VentspilsMidsized airport
EVADĀdaži AirfieldRiga FIRAdaziSmall airport
EVAHLangaci-Limbaži AirfieldRiga FIRLimbažiSmall airport
EVAPAMO Plant HeliportRiga FIRJelgavaHeliport
EVCACesis "old" airfieldRiga FIRCesisSmall airport
EVCSChiekuriRiga FIRHeliport
EVDADaugavpils International AirportDGPRiga FIRDaugavpilsMidsized airport
EVEAJelgava AirfieldRiga FIRJelgavaSmall airport
EVHBBaltijas Helikopters HeliportRiga FIRNākotneHeliport
EVHNNakotneRiga FIRHeliport
EVIACīrava AirfieldRiga FIRCīravaSmall airport
EVJAJurmalaRiga FIRSmall airport
EVJCNākotne Centra Jaunzemji HeliportRiga FIRNākotneHeliport
EVKAJēkabpils Air BaseRiga FIRJēkabpilsMidsized airport
EVKMKlaugu MuizaRiga FIRHeliport
EVLILimbaziRiga FIRSmall airport
EVLULudza HelipadRiga FIRLudzaHeliport
EVNONogaleRiga FIRHeliport
EVOCOld CityRiga FIRHeliport
EVPAIkshkile AirfieldRiga FIRIkshkileSmall airport
EVRCRumbulaRiga FIRSmall airport
EVRSSpilve AerodromeRiga FIRRigaSmall airport
EVSMM-Sola HeliportRiga FIRLielvārdeHeliport
EVTAJūrmala AirportRiga FIRTukumsMidsized airport
EVTETalsi AirfieldRiga FIRTalsiSmall airport
LV-0001Gančauski AirfieldRiga FIRGančauskiSmall airport
LV-0002Griva AirfieldRiga FIRDaugavpilsClosed
LV-0003Saldus AirfieldRiga FIRSmall airport
LV-0004Praulienas lidlauksRiga FIRSmall airport
LV-0006Mālpils AirfieldRiga FIRMālpilsSmall airport
LV-0007Skrunda AirfieldRiga FIRSkrundaSmall airport
LV-0008Ragana AirstripRiga FIRRaganaSmall airport
LV-0009Valmiera AirfieldRiga FIRSmall airport
LV-0010Valgundes lidlauksRiga FIRValgundeSmall airport
LV-0011Taurene AirfieldRiga FIRTaureneSmall airport
LV-0012Zabulnieki AirstripRiga FIRRiebiņiSmall airport
LV-0014Grotūžis AirstripRiga FIRSmall airport
LV-0015Madliena AirfieldRiga FIRMadlienaSmall airport
LV-0017Mežāre AirstripRiga FIRMežāreSmall airport
LV-0018Strēlnieks AirstripRiga FIRSmall airport
LV-0019Aloja AirstripRiga FIRAlojaSmall airport
LV-0020Višķi AirstripRiga FIRVišķiSmall airport
LV-0021Zaļenieki AirstripRiga FIRZaļeniekiSmall airport
LV-0022Lube AirfieldRiga FIRLubeSmall airport
LV-0023Barkava AirstripRiga FIRBarkavaSmall airport
LV-0024Adamova AirstripRiga FIRAdamovaSmall airport
LV-0025Karķu lidlauksRiga FIRKarķiSmall airport
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