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Country code KG
Country code (3 digit) KGZ
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 32
Size 199,289 km2

Airports in Kyrgyzstan

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

UCFLTamchyBishkek FIR
UCFMManasBishkek FIR
KG-0001Jalal-Abad AirportOsh FIRJalal-AbadMidsized airport
KG-0002Naryn AirportBishkek FIRNarynSmall airport
KG-0003Toktogul AirportOsh FIRToktogulSmall airport
KG-0004Talas AirportBishkek FIRTalasSmall airport
KG-0005Chatkel Agri AirportBishkek FIRChatkelSmall airport
KG-0006Tamga AirportBishkek FIRTamgaSmall airport
KG-0007Tokmok AirportBishkek FIRTokmokSmall airport
KG-0008Chon Aryk AirportBishkek FIRBishkekSmall airport
KG-0010Frunze Northwest AirportBishkek FIRBishkekSmall airport
KG-0011Sretenka AirportBishkek FIRSretenkaSmall airport
KG-0012Verkhnyaya Alaarcha AirportBishkek FIRVerkhnyaya AlaarchaSmall airport
KG-0014Kerben AirportOsh FIRKerbenSmall airport
KG-0018Kyzyl-Kiya AirportTashkent FIRKyzyl-KiyaSmall airport
KG-0021Pokrovka AirportBishkek FIRPokrovkaSmall airport
KG-0022Novopokrovskiyi AirportBishkek FIRNovopokrovkaSmall airport
KG-0043Ak Bashat AirportBishkek FIRAk Bashat villageSmall airport
KG-0044Ak Bashat AirportBishkek FIRSmall airport
KG-0045Irkeshtam HeliportOsh FIRHeliport
UA30Batken AirportOsh FIRBatkenMidsized airport
UABABurana AirportBishkek FIRBurana villageSmall airport
UAFGCholpon-Ata AirportBishkek FIRCholpon-AtaSmall airport
UAFIIsfana AirportDushanbe FIRIsfanaSmall airport
UAFLIssyk-Kul International AirportIKUBishkek FIRTamchyMidsized airport
UAFMManas International AirportFRUBishkek FIRBishkekLarge airport
UAFOOsh AirportOSSOsh FIROshMidsized airport
UAFPKarakol AirportBishkek FIRKarakolSmall airport
UAFWKant Air BaseBishkek FIRKantMidsized airport
UAFZKazarman AirportOsh FIRKazarmanSmall airport
KG-0046Kara-Kuldja AirportOsh FIRSmall airport
KG-0048Aravan West AirportTashkent FIRAravanSmall airport
KG-0049Bazar Kurgan AirportOsh FIRBazar-KorgonSmall airport
KG-0050Frunze AirportBishkek FIRBishkekSmall airport
KG-0051Madaniyat AirportOsh FIROshSmall airport
KG-0052Osh West AirportOsh FIROshSmall airport
KG-0053Rybachye/Chu AirportBishkek FIRBalykchySmall airport
KG-0054Suzak AirportOsh FIRSuzakSmall airport
KG-0055Torktul AirportOsh FIRUzgenSmall airport
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