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Country code KW
Country code (3 digit) KWT
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 26
Size 17,496 km2

Airports in Kuwait

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

OKASAli Al Salem Air BaseKuwait FIR
Midsized airport
OKKKKuwaitKuwait FIR
Janūb as SurrahLarge airport
KW-0001Police Officers Club HeliportKuwait FIRCamp ArifjanHeliport
KW-0002KOC HeliportKuwait FIRHeliport
KW-0003New Ahmadi Hospital HeliportKuwait FIRHeliport
KW-0004Old Ahmadi Hospital Heliport 1Kuwait FIRHeliport
KW-0005Old Ahmadi Hospital Heliport 2Kuwait FIRHeliport
KW-0006Marina Waves HeliportKuwait FIRHeliport
KW-0007Al Adan HeliportKuwait FIRHeliport
KW-0008Qaruh Island HelipadKuwait FIRHeliport
KW-0009Umm al Maradim Island HelipadKuwait FIRHeliport
KW-0010Kubbar Island HelipadKuwait FIRHeliport
KW-0011Ouha Island HelipadKuwait FIRHeliport
KW-0012Failaka HeliportKuwait FIRHeliport
KW-0013Failaka North HelipadKuwait FIRHeliport
KW-0014Abdullah bin Umm Maktum Mosque HelipadKuwait FIRHeliport
KW-0015Al-Nuwaiseeb HeliportKuwait FIRHeliport
KW-0016Skydive Kuwait AirportKuwait FIRSmall airport
KW-0017Sabiya Thermal Power Plant Heliport (Central)Kuwait FIRHeliport
OK2APatton Army HeliportKuwait FIRCamp ArifjanHeliport
Z19MAl Abdaliyah Highway StripKuwait FIRAl AbdaliyahSmall airport
OKAJAhmed Al Jaber Air BaseXIJKuwait FIRAhmed Al Jaber ABMidsized airport
OKBKKuwait International AirportKWIKuwait FIRKuwait CityClosed
OKDIUdairi Army Air FieldKuwait FIRCamp BuehringSmall airport
OKNBRas al-Qulayah Naval Base HeliportKuwait FIRRas al-Qulayah Naval BaseHeliport
KW-0018Sabiya Thermal Power Plant Heliport (Entrance)Kuwait FIRHeliport
KW-0019Sabiya Thermal Power Plant Heliport (West)Kuwait FIRHeliport
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