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Country code JO
Country code (3 digit) JOR
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 25
Size 88,941 km2

Airports in Jordan

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OJAIQueen Alia International AirportAMMAmman FIR
AmmanLarge airport
OJAMAmman Civil (Marka International) AirportADJAmman FIR
AmmanMidsized airport
OJAQAqaba King Hussein International AirportAQJAmman FIR
AqabaMidsized airport
JO-0001King Abdullah II Air BaseAmman FIRHeliport
JO-0002King Feisal Air BaseAmman FIRMidsized airport
JO-0003Al Jafr 2 Air BaseAmman FIRSmall airport
JO-0004Azraq Highway StripAmman FIRSmall airport
JO-0005Wadi El Murbah Highway StripAmman FIRSmall airport
JO-0006Al Ghadaf Highway StripAmman FIRSmall airport
JO-0007Al Qatranah Highway StripAmman FIRSmall airport
JO-0008Al Quwayrah Highway StripAmman FIRSmall airport
JO-0009Highway H Highway StripAmman FIRSmall airport
JO-0010Prince Hamza Hospital HeliportAmman FIRHeliport
JO-0011Prince Hashem bin Abdullah Military Hospital HeliportAmman FIRHeliport
JO-0012Island West HeliportTel Aviv FIRHeliport
JO-0013Island East HeliportTel Aviv FIRHeliport
OJ38Zarqa AirportAmman FIRZarqaSmall airport
OJ40Muwaffaq Salti Air BaseAmman FIRAl AzraqMidsized airport
OJBDIrbidAmman FIRUnknown
OJHFPrince Hassan Air BaseAmman FIRSmall airport
OJHRH4 Air BaseAmman FIRSmall airport
OJMFKing Hussein Air CollegeOMFAmman FIRMafraqSmall airport
OJMNMa'AnAmman FIRUnknown
OJMSMuwaffaq Salti Air BaseAmman FIRMidsized airport
JO-0014Jordan Hospital HelipadAmman FIRHeliport
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