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Country code JM
Country code (3 digit) JAM
Continent North America
Flight Information Regions
Airports 22
Size 11,068 km2

Airports in Jamaica

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

MKJPNorman Manley International AirportKINKingston FIR
KingstonLarge airport
MKJSSangster International AirportMBJKingston FIR
Montego BayMidsized airport
JM-0002Manchioneal AirstripKingston FIRSmall airport
JM-0003Tulloch AirstripKingston FIRBog WalkSmall airport
JM-0004Ewarton AirstripKingston FIREwartonSmall airport
JM-0005Worthy Park AirstripKingston FIRSmall airport
JM-0006Port Esquivel AirstripKingston FIRSmall airport
JM-0007Puerto Seco AirstripKingston FIRDiscovery BaySmall airport
JM-0008Silent Hill AirstripKingston FIRSmall airport
JM-0009Kirkvine AirstripKingston FIRSmall airport
JM-0010Nain AirstripKingston FIRSmall airport
JM-0011Mafoota AirstripKingston FIRSmall airport
JM-0012Braco AirfieldKingston FIRCornwall CountySmall airport
JM-0014Up-Park Camp HeliportKingston FIRKingstonHeliport
JM-0015Moneague Training Camp AirfieldKingston FIRMoneagueSmall airport
JM-0016Bath AirfieldKingston FIRBathSmall airport
JM-0018Lionel Densham AerodromeKingston FIRSmall airport
JM-0020Silent Waters Villa HeliportKingston FIRHeliport
MKBSIan Fleming International AirportOCJKingston FIROcho RiosMidsized airport
MKKJKen Jones AirportPOTKingston FIRKen JonesMidsized airport
MKNGNegril AirportNEGKingston FIRNegrilSmall airport
MKTPTinson Pen AirportKTPKingston FIRTinson PenMidsized airport
JM-0021Gunters Hill AirportKingston FIRRace CourseSmall airport
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