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Country code IL
Country code (3 digit) ISR
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 51
Size 21,919 km2

Airports in Israel

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

LLBGBen Gurion International AirportTLVTel Aviv FIR
Tel AvivLarge airport
LLERRamon International AirportETMTel Aviv FIR
EilatLarge airport
LLHAHaifa International AirportHFATel Aviv FIR
HaifaMidsized airport
LLIBRosh Pina AirportRPNTel Aviv FIR
Rosh PinaMidsized airport
IL-0001Kefar Gallim Highway StripTel Aviv FIRSmall airport
IL-0002Mishmar Ayalon Highway Strip HTel Aviv FIRSmall airport
IL-0003Gvulot AirstripTel Aviv FIRSmall airport
IL-0004Talmei Yosef AirstripTel Aviv FIRSmall airport
IL-0005Palmahim South AirstripTel Aviv FIRSmall airport
IL-0006Naan AirstripTel Aviv FIRSmall airport
IL-0008Ein Vered AirfieldTel Aviv FIRSmall airport
IL-0009Meir Medical Center HelipadTel Aviv FIRHeliport
IL-0010Hadassah HeliportAmman FIRHeliport
IL-0011Kedma AirportTel Aviv FIRSmall airport
IL-0012Dimona AirportTel Aviv FIRSmall airport
LL1AHatzerim Northwest AirportTel Aviv FIRBeershebaSmall airport
LL1BArad AirportTel Aviv FIRAradSmall airport
LL59Palmahim Air BaseTel Aviv FIRRishon LeZionSmall airport
LL60Nitzana West AirportTel Aviv FIRNitzanaSmall airport
LLARAradTel Aviv FIRSmall airport
LLBLRabin Medical Center (Beilinson)Tel Aviv FIRPetah TikvaHeliport
LLBOHabonim AirfieldTel Aviv FIRSmall airport
LLBSBeersheba (Teyman) AirportBEVTel Aviv FIRBeershebaSmall airport
LLEKTel Nof Air BaseTel Aviv FIRRehovotMidsized airport
LLESEin Shemer AirfieldTel Aviv FIREin ShemerSmall airport
LLEVEin VeredTel Aviv FIRMicrolight airfield
LLEYEin Yahav AirfieldEIYTel Aviv FIRSapirSmall airport
LLFKFiq AirfieldDamascus FIRKatzrinSmall airport
LLHBHatzerim Air BaseTel Aviv FIRBeershebaSmall airport
LLHDHadassah Ein Kerem HeliportTel Aviv FIRJerusalemHeliport
LLHSHatzor Air BaseTel Aviv FIRHatzorSmall airport
LLHYHillel YaffeTel Aviv FIRHaderaHeliport
LLHZHerzliya AirportTel Aviv FIRHerzliyaSmall airport
LLICSourasky (Ichilov) Medical CenterTel Aviv FIRTel AvivHeliport
LLJRJerusalem AirportAmman FIRUnknown
LLKSKiryat Shmona AirportKSWTel Aviv FIRKiryat ShmonaSmall airport
LLMGMegiddo AirportTel Aviv FIRAfulaSmall airport
LLMRMitzpe Ramon AirfieldTel Aviv FIRMitzpe RamonSmall airport
LLMZBar Yehuda AirfieldMTZTel Aviv FIRMasadaMidsized airport
LLNVNevatim Air BaseVTMTel Aviv FIRBeershebaMidsized airport
LLOVOvda AirportVDATel Aviv FIREilatSmall airport
LLPOPoriya Medical CenterTel Aviv FIRHeliport
LLRBRambam HeliportTel Aviv FIRHaifaHeliport
LLRDRamat David Air BaseTel Aviv FIRHaifaMidsized airport
LLRMRamon Air BaseMIPTel Aviv FIRBeershebaMidsized airport
LLRSRishonTel Aviv FIRSmall airport
LLSMSheba (Tel HaShomer) Medical CenterTel Aviv FIRRamat GanHeliport
LLSRSoroka Medical Center HeliportTel Aviv FIRBeershebaHeliport
LLTNTnuvot Ultralight AirfieldTel Aviv FIRTnuvotSmall airport
LLYOYotvata AirfieldYOTTel Aviv FIRYotvataSmall airport
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