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Country code IQ
Country code (3 digit) IRQ
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 84
Size 437,585 km2

Airports in Iraq

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

ORBIBaghdad International Airport / New Al Muthana Air BaseBGWBaghdad FIR
BaghdadLarge airport
ORERErbil International AirportEBLBaghdad FIR
ArbilMidsized airport
ORMMBasra International AirportBSRBaghdad FIR
BasrahMidsized airport
ORSUSulaymaniyah International AirportISUBaghdad FIR
SulaymaniyahMidsized airport
EQBCAl KutBaghdad FIRUnknown
IQ-0001Al Fathah Air BaseBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0002Al Hayy AirportBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0003Al Iskandariyah AirportBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0004Al Mufrash AirportBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0005Al Muhammadi AirportBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0006Amara New Air BaseBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0007An Numaniyah Air BaseBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0009Ar Rutbah Highway StripBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0010Ar Rutbah South AirportBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0011As Salman North Air BaseBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0013Bashiqah AirportBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0015Ghalaysan New Air BaseBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0016H1 New Air BaseBaghdad FIRMidsized airport
IQ-0017H2 Air BaseBaghdad FIRMidsized airport
IQ-0018H3 Air BaseBaghdad FIRMidsized airport
IQ-0019H3 Highway StripBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0020H3 Northwest AFBBaghdad FIRMidsized airport
IQ-0021H3 Southwest Air BaseBaghdad FIRMidsized airport
IQ-0022Habbaniyah AirportBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0023Injanah Air FieldBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0024Jalibah Southeast Air BaseBaghdad FIRClosed
IQ-0025Juwarin Highway StripBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0026K1 Air BaseBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0027K2 Air BaseBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0028Karbala Northeast AirportBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0029Khan Bani Saad AirportBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0030Kut Al Hayy East Air BaseBaghdad FIRMidsized airport
IQ-0031Markab Northeast AirportBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0032Mudaysis Air BaseBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0033Transportation Ministry HelipadBaghdad FIRHeliport
IQ-0034Qalat Salih Air BaseBaghdad FIRMidsized airport
IQ-0035Qalat Sikar Air BaseBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0036Qasr Tall Mihl AirportBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0037Qayyarah South AirportBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0038Radif Al Khafi Highway StripBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0039Rasheed Air BaseBaghdad FIRMidsized airport
IQ-0040Ruwayshid Air BaseBaghdad FIRMidsized airport
IQ-0041Safwan AirportBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0042Sahl Sinjar Air BaseBaghdad FIRMidsized airport
IQ-0043Salman Pak East Air FieldBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0044Salum Air BaseBaghdad FIRMidsized airport
IQ-0045Samarra East Air Base / Dhuluiya AirportBaghdad FIRMidsized airport
IQ-0046Samarra West Air FieldBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0047Shu'aiba AirportBaghdad FIRSmall airport
IQ-0048Shayka Mazhar Air BaseBaghdad FIRSmall airport
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