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Country code HN
Country code (3 digit) HND
Continent North America
Flight Information Regions
Airports 140
Size 112,642 km2

Airports in Honduras

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

MHCACatacamas AirportCAACentral American FIR
CatacamasSmall airport
MHCHCholutecaCentral American FIR
Microlight airfield
MHLCGoloson International AirportLCECentral American FIR
La CeibaMidsized airport
MHLELa Esperanza AirportLEZCentral American FIR
La EsperanzaSmall airport
MHLMRamón Villeda Morales International AirportSAPCentral American FIR
San Pedro SulaMidsized airport
MHPLPuerto Lempira AirportPEUCentral American FIR
Puerto LempiraSmall airport
MHPRPalmerola International Airport / José Enrique Soto Cano Air BaseXPLCentral American FIR
ComayaguaMidsized airport
MHROJuan Manuel Gálvez International AirportRTBCentral American FIR
Roatan IslandMidsized airport
MHTETela AirportTEACentral American FIR
TelaMidsized airport
MHTGToncontín International AirportTGUCentral American FIR
TegucigalpaMidsized airport
MHTRTrujilloCentral American FIR
MHYRYoro AirportOROCentral American FIR
YoroSmall airport
HN-0001Agropecuaria Lepaguare AirportCentral American FIRLa LimaSmall airport
HN-0002Bonito Oriental AirportCentral American FIRCorocitoSmall airport
HN-0003Ministerios Cristo Te Quiere AirportCentral American FIRDanliSmall airport
HN-0005Ficohsa HeliportCentral American FIRSan Pedro SulaHeliport
HN-0006Yodeco AirportCentral American FIREl CauloteSmall airport
MOPLos Pollos AirportCentral American FIREl LimónSmall airport
MORMocoron AirportCentral American FIRMocorónSmall airport
MSFSan Francisco De La Paz AirportCentral American FIRSan Francisco de La PazSmall airport
MSTEl Tesoro AirportCentral American FIRAguacatalSmall airport
MUGErandique AirportEDQCentral American FIRErandiqueSmall airport
LLHReginaldo Hammer AirportLLHCentral American FIRLa LimaSmall airport
VTAVictoria AirportCentral American FIRVictoriaSmall airport
HN-0014Chumbagua AirportCentral American FIRChumbaguaSmall airport
HN-0015Copán Ruinas AirportRUYCentral American FIRCopán RuinasSmall airport
HN-0019Limon AirportCentral American FIRLimónSmall airport
MHACAcensa AirportCentral American FIRAcensaSmall airport
MHAGSur Agropecuaria AirportCentral American FIRBuena VistaSmall airport
MHAHAhuas AirportAHSCentral American FIRAhuasSmall airport
MHALEl Alto AirportCentral American FIRSmall airport
MHANSan Luis AirportCentral American FIRSan LuisSmall airport
MHAPApala AirportCentral American FIRApalaSmall airport
MHARArchaga AirportCentral American FIRArchagaSmall airport
MHAUHacienda Ulua AirportCentral American FIRTasajerasSmall airport
MHAYAraslaya AirportCentral American FIRAraslayaSmall airport
MHAZAserradero Azacualpa AirportCentral American FIRCacaoSmall airport
MHBABarbareta AirportCentral American FIRBarbareta IslandSmall airport
MHBESan Bernardo AirportCentral American FIRSan BernardoSmall airport
MHBLBrus Laguna AirportBHGCentral American FIRBrus LagunaSmall airport
MHCBCocobila AirportCentral American FIRCocobilaSmall airport
MHCCConcepción AirportCentral American FIRConcepciónClosed
MHCIChiquerito AirportCentral American FIRChiqueritoSmall airport
MHCMCholoma AirportCentral American FIRCholomaSmall airport
MHCOCoco AirportCentral American FIRSmall airport
MHCPCochino Pequeño HeliportCentral American FIRCochino Pequeño IslandHeliport
MHCRCarta AirportLUICentral American FIRLa UniónSmall airport
MHCSCoyoles AirportCYLCentral American FIRCoyolesSmall airport
MHCUCauquira AirportCDDCentral American FIRCauquiraSmall airport
MHDUDurzona AirportCentral American FIRMocorónSmall airport
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