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Country code GE
Country code (3 digit) GEO
Continent Asia
Flight Information Regions
Airports 25
Size 69,462 km2

Airports in Georgia

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UGAMAmbrolauri AirportTbilisi FIR
AmbrolauriSmall airport
UGKODavid the Builder Kutaisi International AirportKUTTbilisi FIR
KutaisiLarge airport
UGMSMestia Queen Tamar AirportTbilisi FIR
MestiaSmall airport
UGSBBatumi International AirportBUSTbilisi FIR
BatumiMidsized airport
UGTBTbilisi International AirportTBSTbilisi FIR
TbilisiLarge airport
GE-0006Kobuleti AirfieldTbilisi FIRSmall airport
GE-0007Ozurgeti Air BaseTbilisi FIROzurgetiMidsized airport
GE-0008Tsalka HelipadTbilisi FIRTsalkaHeliport
GE-0010Senaki Air BaseTbilisi FIRSenakiMidsized airport
GE-0011Lagodekhi AirfieldTbilisi FIRSmall airport
GE-0013Sedmoye Nebo AirstripTbilisi FIRSmall airport
GE-0014Isani-Samgori HeliportTbilisi FIRMestiaHeliport
GE-0015Pskhu AirportTbilisi FIRSmall airport
GE-0016Pichori HeliportTbilisi FIRHeliport
UG0UGudauta Air BaseTbilisi FIRGudautaMidsized airport
UG22Tbilisi Marneuli Air BaseTbilisi FIRTbilisiMidsized airport
UG24Tbilisi Soganlug Air BaseTbilisi FIRTbilisiMidsized airport
UG26Kutaisi West AirportTbilisi FIRKutaisiSmall airport
UG27Vaziani Air BaseTbilisi FIRTbilisiMidsized airport
UG28Shiraki Air BaseTbilisi FIRBolshiye ShirakiMidsized airport
UGGGTbilisiTbilisi FIRUnknown
UGSANatakhtari AirfieldTbilisi FIRNatakhtariSmall airport
UGSPPoti (port)Tbilisi FIRUnknown
UGSSSukhumi Babushara / Vladislav Ardzinba International AirportSUITbilisi FIRSukhumiMidsized airport
GE-0019Ochamchire Base HeliportTbilisi FIRHeliport
GE-0026Mestia AirportTbilisi FIRMest’iaClosed
GE-0027Nataxtari AirfieldTbilisi FIRMtskhetaClosed
GE-0028Poti East AirportTbilisi FIRP’ot’iSmall airport
GE-0029Signakhi AirportTbilisi FIRTs’noriSmall airport
GE-0030Telavi Kurdgelauri AirportTbilisi FIRTelaviSmall airport
UGMMMukhrani AirportTbilisi FIRDzegviClosed
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