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Country code GA
Country code (3 digit) GAB
Continent Africa
Airports 36
Size 261,133 km2

Airports in Gabon

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

FOGMMouilla Ville AirportMJLBrazzaville FIR
MouilaMidsized airport
FOGOOyem AirportOYEBrazzaville FIR
OyemMidsized airport
FOGRLambarene AirportLBQBrazzaville FIR
LambareneMidsized airport
FOOBBitam AirportBMMBrazzaville FIR
BitamMidsized airport
FOOGPort Gentil AirportPOGBrazzaville FIR
Port GentilMidsized airport
FOOLLibreville Leon M'ba International AirportLBVBrazzaville FIR
LibrevilleMidsized airport
FOONM'Vengue El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba International AirportMVBBrazzaville FIR
FrancevilleMidsized airport
FOORLastourville AirportLTLBrazzaville FIR
LastourvilleSmall airport
FOGBBooue AirportBGBBrazzaville FIRBooueSmall airport
FOGENdende AirportKDNBrazzaville FIRNdendeSmall airport
FOGFFougamou AirportFOUBrazzaville FIRFougamouSmall airport
FOGGM'Bigou AirportMBCBrazzaville FIRM'BigouSmall airport
FOGJVille AirportKDJBrazzaville FIRN'DjoléSmall airport
FOGKKoulamoutou Mabimbi AirportKOUBrazzaville FIRKoulamoutouMidsized airport
FOGQOkondja AirportOKNBrazzaville FIROkondjaMidsized airport
FOGVMinvoul AirportMVXBrazzaville FIRMinvoulSmall airport
FOODMoanda AirportMFFBrazzaville FIRMoandaSmall airport
FOOEMekambo AirportMKBBrazzaville FIRMekamboClosed
FOOHOmboue Hospital AirportOMBBrazzaville FIROmboueMidsized airport
FOOITchongorove AirportIGEBrazzaville FIRIguelaSmall airport
FOOKMakokou AirportMKUBrazzaville FIRMakokouMidsized airport
FOOMMitzic AirportMZCBrazzaville FIRMitzicSmall airport
FOOSSette Cama AirportBrazzaville FIRSette CamaSmall airport
FOOTTchibanga AirportBrazzaville FIRTchibangaSmall airport
FOOYMayumba AirportMYBBrazzaville FIRMayumbaSmall airport
GA-0001Koulamoutou AirportBrazzaville FIRKoulamoutouSmall airport
GA-0002Amvémé AirportBrazzaville FIRAmvéméSmall airport
GA-0003Gavilo Lodge AirstripBrazzaville FIRSmall airport
GA-0004Batanga AirstripBrazzaville FIRSmall airport
GA-0005Nkan AirstripBrazzaville FIRSmall airport
AWEAlowe AirportAWEBrazzaville FIRWonga Wongué Presidential ReserveSmall airport
BGPBongo AirportBGPBrazzaville FIRBongoSmall airport
AKEAkieni AirportAKEBrazzaville FIRAkieniSmall airport
GAXGamba AirportGAXBrazzaville FIRGambaSmall airport
LEOLekoni AirportLEOBrazzaville FIRLekoniSmall airport
GA-0011Moabi AirportMGXBrazzaville FIRMoabiSmall airport
GA-0012Tchibanga AirportTCHBrazzaville FIRTchibangaClosed
FOGIMoabi AirportBrazzaville FIRSmall airport
FOOCCocobeach AirportBrazzaville FIRCocobeachClosed
GA-0013Gamba AirportBrazzaville FIRGambaSmall airport
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