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French Guiana

Country code GF
Country code (3 digit) GUF
Continent South America
Flight Information Regions
Airports 22
Size 0 km2

Airports in French Guiana

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

SOCACayenne – Félix Eboué AirportCAYCayenne FIR
Cayenne / RochambeauLarge airport
GF-0001Kourou AirportCayenne FIRKourouSmall airport
GF-0002Ouanary AirportCayenne FIROuanarySmall airport
GF-0003Saint-Élie AirportCayenne FIRSaint-ÉlieSmall airport
GF-0004Camopi AirportOYCCayenne FIRCamopiSmall airport
GF-0005Guiana Space Centre West HeliportCayenne FIRHeliport
GF-0006Guiana Space Centre East HeliportCayenne FIRHeliport
GF-0007Île Royale HeliportCayenne FIRHeliport
GF-0008Rosemond Hospital HelipadCayenne FIRHeliport
GF-0009Camp Maripas Seaplane BaseCayenne FIRSeaplane base
GF-0010Mana AirportCayenne FIRSmall airport
GF-0011Guyane Ultralight Seaplane BaseCayenne FIRSeaplane base
GF-0012Kouachinana AirportCayenne FIRSmall airport
GF-0013Montsinery Seaplane BaseCayenne FIRSeaplane base
SOGSGrand-Santi AirportGSICayenne FIRGrand-SantiSmall airport
SOOAMaripasoula AirportMPYCayenne FIRMaripasoulaSmall airport
SOOGSaint-Georges-de-l'Oyapock AirportOYPCayenne FIRSaint-Georges-de-l'Oyapock AirportMidsized airport
SOOMSaint-Laurent-du-Maroni AirportLDXCayenne FIRSaint-Laurent-du-MaroniSmall airport
SOORRégina AirportREICayenne FIRReginaSmall airport
SOOSSaül AirportXAUCayenne FIRSaúlSmall airport
SOOYSinnamary AirportCayenne FIRSinnamarySmall airport
GF-0014Terre Rouge Seaplane BaseCayenne FIRSeaplane base
GF-0015Kourou AirportCayenne FIRKourouClosed
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