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Faroe Islands

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Country code FO
Country code (3 digit) FRO
Continent Europe
Airports 13
Size 1,321 km2

Airports in Faroe Islands

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

EKVGVágar AirportFAEReykjavik FIR
VagarMidsized airport
EKFAFroðba HeliportReykjavik FIRFroobaHeliport
EKKUKirkja HeliportReykjavik FIRHeliport
EKKVKlaksvík HeliportReykjavik FIRKlaksvikHeliport
EKMSMykines HeliportReykjavik FIRMykinesHeliport
EKSOSvínoy HeliportReykjavik FIRSvínoyHeliport
EKSRStóra Dímun HeliportReykjavik FIRStóra DímunHeliport
EKSYSkúvoy HeliportReykjavik FIRSkúvoyHeliport
EKTBBoðanes HeliportReykjavik FIRTórshavn/BodanesHeliport
FO-0001Hattarvík HeliportReykjavik FIRHeliport
FO-0002Koltur HeliportReykjavik FIRHeliport
FO-0003Skopun HeliportReykjavik FIRHeliport
FO-0004Faroe Islands National Hospital HelipadReykjavik FIRHeliport
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