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Falkland Islands

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Country code FK
Country code (3 digit) FLK
Continent South America
Airports 34
Size 11,553 km2

Airports in Falkland Islands

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

EGYPMount Pleasant AirportMPNComodoro Rivadavia FIR
Mount PleasantMidsized airport
SFALPort Stanley AirportPSYComodoro Rivadavia FIR
StanleyMidsized airport
FK-0001Fox Bay Clay AirstripComodoro Rivadavia FIRFox BaySmall airport
FK-0002Pebble Island Landing StripComodoro Rivadavia FIRPebble Island SettlementSmall airport
FK-0003Sea Lion Lodge AirstripComodoro Rivadavia FIRSea Lion IslandSmall airport
FK-0004West Point Island Landing StripComodoro Rivadavia FIRWest Point IslandSmall airport
FK-0005Goose Green AirfieldComodoro Rivadavia FIRGoose GreenSmall airport
FK-0006Roy Cove Landing StripComodoro Rivadavia FIRRoy CoveSmall airport
FK-0007Spring Point Landing StripComodoro Rivadavia FIRSpring Point SettlementSmall airport
FK-0008Port San Carlos Landing StripComodoro Rivadavia FIRPort San CarlosSmall airport
FK-0009Port Howard Purvis Pond AirstripComodoro Rivadavia FIRPort Howard SettlementSmall airport
FK-0010Saunders Island Landing StripComodoro Rivadavia FIRSaunders Island SettlementSmall airport
FK-0011Carcass Island Landing StripComodoro Rivadavia FIRCarcass IslandSmall airport
FK-0012Port Stephens AirportComodoro Rivadavia FIRPort StephensSmall airport
FK-0013Port Abermarle AirportComodoro Rivadavia FIRPort AbermarleSmall airport
FK-0014Dunnose Head AirportComodoro Rivadavia FIRDunnose HeadSmall airport
FK-0015Shallow Harbour AirportComodoro Rivadavia FIRShallow HarbourSmall airport
FK-0016Hill Cove AirportComodoro Rivadavia FIRHill CoveSmall airport
FK-0017Chartres AirportComodoro Rivadavia FIRChartresSmall airport
FK-0018New Island AirportComodoro Rivadavia FIRNew IslandSmall airport
FK-0019North Arm AirportComodoro Rivadavia FIRNorth ArmSmall airport
FK-0020Salvador AirportComodoro Rivadavia FIRSalvadorSmall airport
FK-0022Lively Island AirportComodoro Rivadavia FIRLivelySmall airport
FK-0023George Island AirportComodoro Rivadavia FIRGeorge Island HouseSmall airport
FK-0024Douglas Station AirportComodoro Rivadavia FIRDouglasSmall airport
FK-0026Speedwell Island AirportComodoro Rivadavia FIRSpeedwell IslandSmall airport
FK-0027Bleaker Island AirportComodoro Rivadavia FIRBleaker IslandSmall airport
FK-0028Weddell Island AirportComodoro Rivadavia FIRWeddell IslandSmall airport
FK-0029Beaver Island AirportComodoro Rivadavia FIRBeaver IslandSmall airport
FK-0032Port Edgar AirportComodoro Rivadavia FIRPort EdgarSmall airport
FK-0033Port Howard AirstripComodoro Rivadavia FIRPort HowardSmall airport
FK-0034Sea Lion Island AirstripComodoro Rivadavia FIRSea Lion IslandSmall airport
FK-0035Fox Bay East AirstripComodoro Rivadavia FIRFox Bay EastSmall airport
FK-0036Pebble Island Beach AirstripComodoro Rivadavia FIRPebble IslandSmall airport
FK-0037Fox Bay Landing StripComodoro Rivadavia FIRClosed
FK-0038Goose Green AirfieldComodoro Rivadavia FIRClosed
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