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Country code ET
Country code (3 digit) ETH
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 64
Size 1,132,067 km2

Airports in Ethiopia

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

HAABAddis Ababa Bole International AirportADDAddis Ababa FIR
Addis AbabaLarge airport
ET-0002Kibbish Wells AirportAddis Ababa FIRKibbish WellsSmall airport
ET-0003Ganada AirportAddis Ababa FIRSmall airport
ET-0005African Union HeliportAddis Ababa FIRHeliport
GLCGeladi AirportGLCAddis Ababa FIRGeladiSmall airport
SHCShire Inda Selassie AirportSHCAddis Ababa FIRShire IndasilaseSmall airport
HILShilavo AirportHILAddis Ababa FIRShilavoSmall airport
MYSMoyale AirportMYSNairobi FIRMoyaleSmall airport
TUJTum AirportTUJAddis Ababa FIRTumSmall airport
ET-0014Adaba AirportAddis Ababa FIRAdabaSmall airport
ET-0015Hawassa International AirportAWAAddis Ababa FIRAwasaMidsized airport
ET-0017Robe AirportGOBAddis Ababa FIRGobaSmall airport
ET-0018Sheikh Hussein AirportAddis Ababa FIRSheik HusseinClosed
ET-0019Soddu AirportSXUAddis Ababa FIRSodduSmall airport
ET-0020Tippi AirportTIEAddis Ababa FIRTippiSmall airport
HAAGAgordatAsmara FIRUnknown
HAALLideta Army AirportAddis Ababa FIRAddis AbabaSmall airport
HAAMArba Minch AirportAMHAddis Ababa FIRMidsized airport
HAAWAwashAddis Ababa FIRUnknown
HAAXAxum AirportAXUAddis Ababa FIRMidsized airport
HAAYAsmara/yohannesAsmara FIRUnknown
HABCBaco AirportBCOAddis Ababa FIRBacoSmall airport
HABDBahir Dar AirportBJRAddis Ababa FIRBahir DarMidsized airport
HABEBeica AirportBEIAddis Ababa FIRBeicaSmall airport
HADCCombolcha AirportDSEAddis Ababa FIRDessieSmall airport
HADDDembidollo AirportDEMAddis Ababa FIRDembidolloSmall airport
HADMDebra Marcos AirportDBMAddis Ababa FIRDebra MarcosSmall airport
HADODodola AirportAddis Ababa FIRDodolaSmall airport
HADRAba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma International AirportDIRAddis Ababa FIRDire DawaMidsized airport
HADTDebre Tabor AirportDBTAddis Ababa FIRDebre TaborSmall airport
HAFNFincha AirportFNHAddis Ababa FIRFinchaSmall airport
HAGHGhinnir AirportGNNAddis Ababa FIRGhinnirSmall airport
HAGMGambela AirportGMBAddis Ababa FIRGambelaMidsized airport
HAGNGondar AirportGDQAddis Ababa FIRGondarMidsized airport
HAGOGode AirportGDEAddis Ababa FIRGodeMidsized airport
HAGRGore AirportGORAddis Ababa FIRGoreSmall airport
HAHMHarar Meda AirportQHRAddis Ababa FIRDebre ZeyitMidsized airport
HAHUHumera AirportHUEAddis Ababa FIRHumeraSmall airport
HAJJWilwal International AirportJIJAddis Ababa FIRJijigaMidsized airport
HAJMJimma AirportJIMAddis Ababa FIRJimmaMidsized airport
HAKDKebri Dahar AirportABKAddis Ababa FIRKabri DeharMidsized airport
HAKLKelafo East AirportLFOAddis Ababa FIRKelafoSmall airport
HALAAwassa AirportAddis Ababa FIRHawassaSmall airport
HALLLalibella AirportLLIAddis Ababa FIRLalibelaSmall airport
HAMAMekane Selam AirportMKSAddis Ababa FIRMekane SelamSmall airport
HAMJTume AirportAddis Ababa FIRMajiSmall airport
HAMKMekele AirportMQXAddis Ababa FIRMidsized airport
HAMMMetema AirportETEAddis Ababa FIRMetemaSmall airport
HAMNMendi AirportNDMAddis Ababa FIRMendiSmall airport
HAMRMui River AirportMUJAddis Ababa FIROmo National ParkSmall airport
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