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Country code ER
Country code (3 digit) ERI
Continent Africa
Flight Information Regions
Airports 10
Size 122,972 km2

Airports in Eritrea

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ER-0001Dahlak South AirfieldAsmara FIRSmall airport
ER-0002Dahlak Central AirfieldAsmara FIRSmall airport
ER-0003Dahlak West AirfieldAsmara FIRSmall airport
ER-0004Omhajer AirportAsmara FIRSmall airport
HHAGAgordat AirportAsmara FIRAgordatSmall airport
HHASAsmara International AirportASMAsmara FIRAsmaraMidsized airport
HHBABarentu AirportAsmara FIRSmall airport
HHMSMassawa International AirportMSWAsmara FIRMassawaMidsized airport
HHSBAssab International AirportASAAsmara FIRAsabMidsized airport
HHTSTessenei AirportTESKhartoum FIRTesseneiSmall airport
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