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Country code EC
Country code (3 digit) ECU
Continent South America
Flight Information Regions
Airports 141
Size 256,155 km2

Airports in Ecuador

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

SEGUJosé Joaquín de Olmedo International AirportGYEGuayaquil FIR
GuayaquilLarge airport
SEMTEloy Alfaro International AirportMECGuayaquil FIR
MantaMidsized airport
SEQMMariscal Sucre International AirportUIOGuayaquil FIR
QuitoLarge airport
EC-0001Carabon AirportGuayaquil FIRCarabonSmall airport
EC-0003Roble Mar AirportGuayaquil FIRSanta RosaSmall airport
EC-0004Nuevo Rocafuerte AirstripLima FIRNuevo RocafuerteSmall airport
EC-0005Ayamu AirstripGuayaquil FIRAyamuSmall airport
EC-0006Pavacachi AirstripGuayaquil FIRPavacachiSmall airport
EC-0007Shivacocha AirstripGuayaquil FIRShivacochaSmall airport
EC-0008Taracoa AirstripGuayaquil FIRTaracoaSmall airport
EC-0009Yuca Life AirstripGuayaquil FIRSmall airport
EC-0010Pacayacu AirstripGuayaquil FIRPacayacuSmall airport
EC-0011Sarayaku AirstripGuayaquil FIRSarayakuSmall airport
EC-0012Teresa Mama AirstripGuayaquil FIRTeresa MamaSmall airport
EC-0013Huito Molino AirstripGuayaquil FIRHuito MolinoSmall airport
EC-0014Macuma AirstripGuayaquil FIRMacumaSmall airport
EC-0015Chichirata AirstripGuayaquil FIRChichirataSmall airport
EC-0016Andoas AirstripGuayaquil FIRAndoasSmall airport
EC-0017Huasaga AirstripGuayaquil FIRHuasagaSmall airport
EC-0018Villano AirstripGuayaquil FIRVillanoSmall airport
EC-0019Santa Rosa 2 AirstripGuayaquil FIRSmall airport
EC-0020Yuwints AirstripGuayaquil FIRYuwintsSmall airport
EC-0021Ayuy AirstripGuayaquil FIRAyuySmall airport
EC-0022Copataza AirstripGuayaquil FIRCopatazaSmall airport
EC-0023Jimbiquiti AirstripGuayaquil FIRJimbiquitiSmall airport
EC-0024Jibaría Añangu AirstripGuayaquil FIRJibaría AñanguSmall airport
EC-0025Capauari AirstripGuayaquil FIRCapauariSmall airport
EC-0026Cotosaz AirstripGuayaquil FIRCotosazSmall airport
EC-0027Tutaguana AirstripGuayaquil FIRTutaguanaSmall airport
EC-0028Yaupi AirstripGuayaquil FIRYaupiSmall airport
EC-0029Wasakentza AirstripGuayaquil FIRWasakentzaSmall airport
EC-0030Wampuik AirstripGuayaquil FIRWampuikSmall airport
EC-0031Tambo Borja AirstripGuayaquil FIRTambo BorjaSmall airport
EC-0032Tambo AirstripGuayaquil FIRTamboSmall airport
EC-0033Cabaña Yasuni AirstripGuayaquil FIRSmall airport
EC-0034Kapawi Ecolodge AirstripGuayaquil FIRSmall airport
EC-0035Holandesa AirportGuayaquil FIRSmall airport
EC-0036La Esperanza AirportGuayaquil FIRSmall airport
EC-0037La Cadena AirportGuayaquil FIRSmall airport
EC-0038El Guayabo AirportGuayaquil FIRClosed
EC-0039Agro Aereo Jaramillo AirportGuayaquil FIRSmall airport
EC-0040Esterito AirportGuayaquil FIRSmall airport
EC-0041Banastru AirportGuayaquil FIRSmall airport
EC-0042Floreana HeliportGuayaquil FIRHeliport
EC-0043Barbones - Samuel Quimi AirportGuayaquil FIRSmall airport
EC-0044Mar y Cielo HeliportGuayaquil FIRHeliport
EC-0045Puná Southwest AirportGuayaquil FIRSmall airport
MZDMéndez AirportMZDGuayaquil FIRSantiago de MéndezSmall airport
SE01Alba Elena AirportGuayaquil FIRRocafuerteSmall airport
SE02Guabital AirportGuayaquil FIRSoledadSmall airport
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