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Dominican Republic

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Country code DO
Country code (3 digit) DOM
Continent North America
Flight Information Regions
Airports 37
Size 48,589 km2

Airports in Dominican Republic

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

MDABArroyo Barril AirportSanto Domingo FIR
Arroyo BarrilSmall airport
MDBHMaria Montez International AirportBRXSanto Domingo FIR
BarahonaMidsized airport
MDCYSamaná El Catey International AirportAZSSanto Domingo FIR
SamanaMidsized airport
MDJBLa Isabela International AirportJBQSanto Domingo FIR
La IsabelaMidsized airport
MDLRCasa De Campo International AirportLRMSanto Domingo FIR
La RomanaMidsized airport
MDPCPunta Cana International AirportPUJSanto Domingo FIR
Punta CanaLarge airport
MDPPGregorio Luperon International AirportPOPSanto Domingo FIR
Puerto PlataMidsized airport
MDSDLas Américas International AirportSDQSanto Domingo FIR
Santo DomingoLarge airport
MDSTCibao International AirportSTISanto Domingo FIR
SantiagoMidsized airport
DO-0003Barahona HeliportSanto Domingo FIRBarahonaHeliport
DO-0004Javo Beach HeliportSanto Domingo FIRHeliport
DO-0005Grand Sirenis Punta Cana HeliportSanto Domingo FIRHeliport
DO-0006Don Juan HelipadSanto Domingo FIRHeliport
DO-0007Baigua AirportSanto Domingo FIRHigueySmall airport
MDADAzua AirportSanto Domingo FIRAzuaSmall airport
MDANCotui Angelina AirportSanto Domingo FIRCotui AngelinaSmall airport
MDBAConsuelo Batey Anita airportSanto Domingo FIRConsueloSmall airport
MDBCLa Romana Batey Cacata airportSanto Domingo FIRLa RomanaSmall airport
MDBELa Romana Batey Lechuga AirportSanto Domingo FIRLa RomanaSmall airport
MDBLBoca Chica AirportSanto Domingo FIRBoca ChicaClosed
MDBMSan Pedro De Macoris AirportSanto Domingo FIRSan Pedro de MacorisSmall airport
MDCRCabo Rojo AirportCBJSanto Domingo FIRCabo RojoMidsized airport
MDCZConstanza - Expedición 14 de Junio National AirportCOZSanto Domingo FIRCostanzaSmall airport
MDDJDajabon AirportSanto Domingo FIRDajabonSmall airport
MDEREl Ranchito AirportSanto Domingo FIRLa VegaSmall airport
MDESPeñuela / Esperanza FieldSanto Domingo FIRValverdeSmall airport
MDHNJuancho Enriquillo AirportSanto Domingo FIRBarahonaSmall airport
MDJIJimani AirportSanto Domingo FIRSmall airport
MDLLLos Llanos de Sabanatosa AirportSanto Domingo FIRSmall airport
MDLMLos Montones AirportSanto Domingo FIRSan CristobalSmall airport
MDMAMagdalena Cuya AirportSanto Domingo FIRLa RomanaSmall airport
MDMCMonte Cristi AirportSanto Domingo FIRMonte CristiSmall airport
MDPMPiloto AirportSanto Domingo FIRMonte CristiSmall airport
MDSASan Juan De La Maguana AirportSanto Domingo FIRSan Juan de la MaguanaSmall airport
MDSISan Isidro Air BaseSanto Domingo FIRSan IsidroMidsized airport
MDWOWalterio AirportSanto Domingo FIRMonte CristiSmall airport
TSDMSanto DomingoSanto Domingo FIRUnknown
DO-0008Santiago Municipal AirportSanto Domingo FIRSantiago de los CaballerosSmall airport
MDBGHiguey AirportSanto Domingo FIRSalvaleón de HigüeySmall airport
MDPOSamana El Portillo AirportSanto Domingo FIRLas TerrenasSmall airport
MDSBSabana De Mar AirportSanto Domingo FIRSabana de la MarClosed
MDSJSan Juan AirportSanto Domingo FIRSan Juan de la MaguanaClosed
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