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Country code DJ
Country code (3 digit) DJI
Continent Africa
Airports 17
Size 21,934 km2

Airports in Djibouti

Sorted by ICAO code or airport identifier, first all airports with a METAR

HDAMDjibouti-Ambouli AirportJIBAddis Ababa FIR
Djibouti CityLarge airport
DJ-0001Holhol AirportAddis Ababa FIRSmall airport
DJ-0003Chinese People's Liberation Army Support Base in DjiboutiAddis Ababa FIRHeliport
DJ-0004Djibouti Presidential HeliportAddis Ababa FIRHeliport
DJ-0005Djibouti Sudanese Military Hospital HeliportAddis Ababa FIRHeliport
HDAGAssa-Gueyla AirportAddis Ababa FIRAssa-GueylaSmall airport
HDASAli-Sabieh AirportAIIAddis Ababa FIRAli-SabiehSmall airport
HDCHChabelley AirportAddis Ababa FIRChabelleySmall airport
HDDKDikhil AirportAddis Ababa FIRDikhilSmall airport
HDHEHerkale AirportAddis Ababa FIRHerkaleClosed
HDMOMoucha AirportMHIAddis Ababa FIRMoucha IslandSmall airport
HDOBObock AirportOBCAddis Ababa FIRObockSmall airport
HDTJTadjoura AirportTDJAddis Ababa FIRTadjouraSmall airport
HFFFDjiboutiAddis Ababa FIRUnknown
DJ-0006HelipadAddis Ababa FIRHeliport
DJ-0007Military Helipads (5x)Addis Ababa FIRHeliport
DJ-0008Military HelipadAddis Ababa FIRHeliport
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